Videoguys' NAB 2013 Wrap-Up: An Industry In Transition & Top Products of NAB 2013

Videoguys by Gary Bettan

Videoguys' NAB Wrap-Up:
An Industry In Transition

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Wow! I wasn't expecting this year's NAB to be so exciting. Our industry has gotten mature and so have the products. But, from the start of our dealer meetings on Sunday, I could tell that something big was happening, not a huge tidal wave of change, but several big waves rolling in one after another that would have a dramatic impact on the future of our industry. Each of these waves on their own is interesting. When you look at the convergence that is going on it adds up to very important and powerful changes that will shape the future of content creation. read more...

Videoguys' Top Products of NAB 2013
Now I'd like to take the time to highlight several new products introduced at NAB that we feel were the best of the best. We don't sell camcorders, so you won't find any listed here. Our list is targeted on the products that deserve special mention from "The Video Editing and Production Experts" at

  • G-Technology G-Drive Pro, G-Dock & G-Drive EV
  • Matrox Monarch HD Streaming Appliance
  • Avid Media Composer 7
  • Adobe CS Next

In addition to our Top NAB 2013 picks, we saw a bunch of new products and added some new vendors that we look forward to offering in the near future. read all about our Top Products and more...

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