Videoguys NAB Report: Adobe

Adobe is back! Adobe Sometimes when you walk around a show like NAB you will get a general vibe around a certain booth. Last year the vibe around the Adobe booth was one of “I wonder what’s going on?† They had just announced the acquisition of Macromedia and Adobe Premiere users were left waiting for the next major release. At NAB2006 you could feel the buzz and excitement around the Adobe booth and at the Adobe dealer meeting. The new Adobe Production Studios have been shipping since January and the sales, positive reviews and awards keep piling up. The new Premiere Pro 2 delivers the features and performance that loyal Premiere users have been longing for including Multi-cam editing, enhanced color correction, DVD authoring from the timeline, GPU accelerated rendering, Adobe Bridge media management tool and the most important new feature of all – only available when you purchase Premiere Pro as part of the new Production Studios – Adobe Dynamic Link. Dynamic Link allows the applications in the Adobe Production Studio to work seamlessly together. As an example, you can create a sequence in After Effects as part of your Premiere Pro 2 timeline. When you go back and make changes to it in After Effects 7 the Premiere Pro 2 timeline is automatically updated. The same is true with graphics you create in Photoshop CS2 for Encore 2.0 The Production Studio Standard and Premium bundles are a tremendous value, and Adobe has been offering very aggressive upgrade paths to loyal Adobe customers. Unlike previous upgrade programs, it doesn’t matter what version of the qualifying software you own. If you own Premiere 5.1 you can upgrade to the Production Studio Standard for only $749.00 or to Premium for $1,249 – that’s a $450 savings from the full retail price!. Click here for more info or to order your upgrade Adobe has been working closely with their technology partners Cineform, Black Magic, PNY, AJA and Matrox. We are working with Adobe and our vendors to put together special bundle offers and promotions to pass along to you. Right now Matrox is including a discount coupon with Axio LE and RT.X2 that will save you around $200 for upgrading to the Production Studio (Std or Premium). Our goal is to come up with something even better! Speaking of Matrox, anyone planning on editing both DV & HD footage in the same projects needs to check out Axio LE and RT.X2. The integration with Premiere Pro 2 is fantastic, and you’ll also see benefits in After Effects and with Dynamic Link. As I said in part 1 of this years NAB report – the “Magic is Back† at Matrox. Last year they began shipping Axio and while the technology was incredible, so was the price and the hardware you needed to run it on. With Axio LE and the new RT.X2 you get all of the realtime features you need at a fraction of the price. While you still need a very fast computer to take full advantage of the new “Power of X†, the cost of these machines is actually quite reasonable.

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