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Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 with OnLocation CS4As usual Adobe had a very big presence at NAB, with round the clock demos of their CS4 product line. Those are all well done and interesting, but what grabs my attention every year is the technology demonstrations. At NAB2008 Adobe was showing off speech recognition technology that was then integrated into Premiere Pro & OnLocation CS4. This year the big technology story at Adobe was Adobe Story. A new, collaborative scriptwriting tool that integrates your script as metadata into your editing workflow. The possibilities this technology can unleash on the creative process are endless. You can create your shot lists for OnLocation directly from the script, and add additional metadata as you shoot. While you are editing you can go back and sort though the metadata to help better plan your edits, all the while tying back into the script. This really takes metadata, scriptwriting and video clip management to a new level. I can't wait to see how Adobe Story fully integrates into the next release, CS5, from Adobe! Adobe was also showing off the latest dot release of Premiere Pro CS4.1 with improved hardware integration with Matrox, Aja and Blackmagic cards plus native RED support. Most of all, 4.1 continues Adobe's march towards full 64 bit computing. With each dot release, CS4 becomes better optimized for Vista 64 bit, which means that it can tap into and harness more of the processing power in today's multi-core computers. One of the best features of CS4 is how the products integrate and work together. In order to work with 2, 3 or 4 different Adobe applications at the same time, you need lots of RAM. In fact Adobe recommends a base of 8GB Ram plus 4GB of RAM for each application you typically use in your workflow. So if you use Adobe CS4 Production Premium on a regular basis, make sure you are running Vista 64 with 16GB or more of RAM. CS4PP CS4PPBUN CS4PPUPCS
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