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We have been a CineForm partner since the company was first founded. CineForm is an incredibly cool company that has developed a technology that allows you to edit HD footage more efficiently. They do this by replacing the original CODEC with their own CineForm CODEC.

CineForm NeoSceneCineForm NeoScene allows you to edit AVCHD footage using Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas or Final Cut Pro with ease. As we have told you before, the AVCHD CODEC delivers incredible, full HD footage, but at a price. The compression is so heavy that it requires a tremendous amount of horsepower to edit it. Even our DIY7 machine struggles with a complex AVCHD timeline in Premiere Pro CS4. With NeoScene, the AVCHD footage in converted into the Cineform CODEC and editing it is a breeze. The conversion process takes about 1/2 real-time, an hour of AVCHD footage will take you about 30 minutes to convert. At that point just pop the footage onto your timeline and edit. It will feel like you're editing DV footage! On sale for $99.95, NeoScene is the must have plug-in for editing AVCHD footage. NeoScene also works with HDV footage, with the same great results. In today's economy you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on upgrading or buying a new computer, by just installing NeoScene in your existing Premiere Pro, Vegas or FCP editing solution.

CineForm First LightAt NAB, CineForm was showing off 2 very cool new technologies. One of those technologies is First Light. First Light is a real-time color processing plug-in that allows you to color correct your HD footage non-destructively in real-time using metadata. OK, that sounds extremely complicated - it isn't. It's actually one of the easiest color correction utilities I've ever used. I know I constantly find myself with footage that just isn't right. The color balance is off or the image is too dark or too washed out. Instead of having to fix it inside your NLE, you can fix it with First Light, then bring in import the great looking clips into Premiere Pro or FCP and edit ways. First Light is part of NeoHD, the step up product to NeoScene that adds more features and support for more formats and pulldowns.

The second new technology Cineform was showing was Neo3D for editing 3d images. I'm going to cover 3D later in this article when I talk about future technologies.

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