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Several months ago Videoguys' announced that we have become an Edirol dealer. Edirol makes a full line of digital video mixers and filed recorders.

Edirol VC-50HDAt NAB Edirol introduced the VC-50HD Video Field Recorder. This small, lightwiehgt, portable and rugged unit HD-SDI to 50/ 35/ 8 Mbps MPEG-2 TS as well as HDV format (25/19Mbps). The unit also supports conversion from SD-SDI to DV format (25Mbps) and 12/ 9/ 2 Mbps MPEG-2 TS. In your NLE the MPEG-2 TS files come in as XD Cam footage. It includes HDMI output for previewing and monitoring. The VC-50HD can be powered by AC adapter, AA batteries or external battery. The VC-50HD will be shipping this summer with an MSRP of $3,795.

Edirol V-4The Edirol V-4 and V-8 digital mixers are the standard in the VJ and worship markets for live production mixing. The units are rugged, easy to use and deliver outstanding features, performance and video quality. But what really puts them over the top is the value. The V-4 Video mixer gives you 4 inputs / 3 outputs and a ton of video effects including composition effects such as Picture-in-Picture, Chroma-key, and Luminance-key for just $1,1195.

Edirol V-8For more demanding events that require even more I/O, the Edirol V-8 gives you 8 inputs, including direct input from your computer for adding titles and graphics, and even more filters, effects and transitions for only $2,295. Using the luminance key or chroma-key, enables logos or text from your computer to be keyed over background video enabling the display of lyrics, bottom thirds, and announcements. Integrating computer graphics and visual applications with video sources has never been easier.

Edirol F-1Edirol audio field recorders allow you to digitally capture audio directly to solid state media from multiple microphones as independent tracks. This insures you have the best possible audio quality to bring into your post production environment. The Edirol F-1 records both HDV or DV Video to a removable hard drive. Designed for professional production, "Field Oriented" is at the heart of the Edirol F-1 design. Features like a shock-resistant floating HDD, two channels of additional audio inputs, multiple power supply options, remote control via LAN, on-site review of clips, unlimited file size, and a number of additional innovative functions will streamline your recording and post-production activities.

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