Videoguys NAB Report - Focus Enhancements

Focus Enhancements

Focus FS-5 version 2We had the chance to get a sneak peak at the new FS-5 version 2 software just before NAB. The FS-5 captures your footage while you shoot in either DV or HDV. Using D.T.E. (Direct To Edit) technology the footage is captured into the format that your NLE application works with best. Regardless of the format you choose the video plays back perfectly on the LCD screen - smooth, crisp and clear. With an iPod Touch and wireless network adapter you are able to control the video (play, pause rewind etc.) and log any production notes as metadata. Later on when you get back to the edit suite and you import the footage into your NLE, all that metadata comes in as well. This will save you ton’s of time and means you can log your footage just about anywhere, without a computer!

As we told you then, with the added capability of video preview playback on the LCD screen the FS-5 now fully delivers on all of the promise and performance we had hoped for. In addition to video preview you can use thumbnails to represent each clip, and the FS-5 can now save MPEG-4 proxy files of all your footage.

While supplies last, we will continue our fantastic $995 promotion on the FS-5 60GB model. Focus also introduced a FS-4 HD model with 120GB hard drive for just $799.95. Shortly after NAB we received word that Focus would be running a limited time promotion on the FS-100 D.T.E models for Panasonic P2 cams. The FS-100 160GB is now $999.00, while the larger FS-100 250GB is $1,299.

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