Videoguys' NAB Report: SonicFire Pro 4

SFP4Award Winning SmartSound Sonic Fire Pro 4 with Moodmapping Over the past month or so we’ve been telling you about the new version of Sonic Fire Pro 4 with Moodmapping. I’ve always been a big fan of the SmartSound soundtrack creation tools. At NAB 2006 Sonic Fire Pro 4 (SFP4) won several best of show awards. In addition there was always a good crowd around their booth. I guess I’m not the only one who thinks SFP4 is by far and away the most powerful and easiest to use soundtrack creation tool around. One of the most important features in SmartSound technology is that the music you create is automatically tailored to fit the duration of your video. Add a few seconds or trim your video down and SmartSound not only adjusts the duration of the clip, but it recreates the entire track to fit perfectly. This is much more than just repeating a loop. Each SmartSound soundtrack you create has an intro, body and outro. With the new version 4 the tools has become even more powerful. With the new version, Sonic Fire Pro 4 is now a multi-track audio tool. Each instrument gets its own track. If you want to add more guitars or have less drums, you can with a few clicks of the mouse. But that’s really just scratching the surface. What really makes this tool so special is Moodmapping. Moodmapping allows you to select different arrangements of the various instruments within a track to better match the tempo and pace of your video. Even more important, you can keyframe the Moodmapping so your arrangement changes over the duration of the video clip. With Moodmapping you don’t need to be a musician to create a score that is the perfect fit for your video - Crank up the drums & bass for the heavy action, lighten the mix for dialog, add more strings and horns for the big ending; it’s so easy with Sonic Fire pro 4! Video editors at all levels will appreciate how elegant and simple the interface is; yet your audience and customers will think you paid a fortune for your own orchestra and custom arrangements. Sonic Fire Pro 4 is available with 2 discs of multi-layered music from the Strata series for $188. For more serious video work you’ll want to take advantage of our Corporate or Television bundles that include SFP4 and 5 multi-layer discs for $425. The best value of them all is the MEGA bundle that includes the first 10 multi-layer discs for just $749.00! Registered Sonic Fire Pro 3 users will receive a $50 coupon good on any future SmartSound purchase when you register your new SFP4 purchase. Click here for more info or to order. SFP4 DemoStudio Daily Demo Room Chris Meyer demos Sonicfire  ® Pro 4 with Mood Mappingâ„ ¢. What’s “mood mapping†? A dynamic new way to match the mix and feel of music to the chaining moods of your edit. Click here to check out this great Flash Demo

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