Videoguys' NAB Show 2009 Wrap Up!


Videoguys' NAB Show 2009 Wrap Up!

Matrox MAX is a unique technology that implements faster than realtime H.264 encoding for resolutions ranging from iPod to HD. It uses a dedicated hardware processor to accelerate the creation of H.264 files for Blu-ray, the web, and mobile devices. By using specialized hardware acceleration, jobs are finished with amazing speed and system resources are liberated for other tasks. Quality and flexibility are ensured through direct integration with professional applications such as Apple Compressor on the Mac and Adobe Media Encoder on the PC. As an added benefit, the Matrox MAX technology allows direct export to higher-quality H.264 Blu-ray compliant files from Compressor.
The Matrox MAX Technology is offered with the Matrox CompressHD, MXO2, MXO2 Mini, & MXO2 Rack!

NEW! Matrox MXO2 Mini
Affordable high definition HDMI and analog I/O for Mac and PC

This sleek little device for Mac and PC also gives you the added advantage of portability. You can take it with you wherever you go. Use it with a laptop or a desktop system and your favorite applications including Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Photoshop, and many more. Capture and playback high definition video via HDMI and analog component; or NTSC and PAL via analog component, S-Video, and composite. Convert your standard definition videos to high definition, or vice versa, while capturing or playing out, using Matrox MXO2 Mini's high-quality dedicated hardware. Turn your HDMI screen into a professional-grade video monitor with Matrox's unique color calibration tool. Easily edit AVCHD footage by capturing into an edit-friendly compressed or uncompressed format.

Matrox MXO2 Mini with PC Drivers
will be shipping this May!
Mac Drivers will be available
for download 2-weeks later



NEW! Matrox CompressHD
Professional accelerator card for faster than realtime H.264 HD file creation

If you're a professional content creator delivering H.264 files for Blu-ray, the web, and mobile devices, you need a fast, flexible, high quality encoding workhorse. Matrox CompressHD is the first implementation of Matrox MAX technology in an amazingly affordable H.264 accelerator card. It lets you create H.264 files, for resolutions ranging from iPod to HD, faster than real time. It works in systems with or without a video I/O device and extends the life of your current system investment, giving you the power you need to deliver today's premium H.264 formats faster than ever. This low profile, half-length PCIe x1 card fits into Mac Pros, Intel-based Apple Xserve systems, and PCs. Get yourself a Matrox CompressHD card and deliver your projects in a fraction of the time!

Matrox Compress HD be Shipping
this May with Mac Drivers.

PC Drivers are expected this summer.

Matrox RT.X2 LE

Attention Matrox RT2000, RT2500 & RT.X100 Owners:
Trade-in your card & Save $200 on the Matrox RT.X2!!! If you're editing with a Matrox system then there's no doubt you're interested in the RT.X2 LE. Now Matrox is rewarding their loyal customers with a $200 Trade-in Credit and we've made it easy for you to take advantage of this special promotion. Just place your order, use coupon RTX2LOY, and complete this form and the RTX2LE is yours for only $795.

with Trade-In Coupon RTX2LOY

- reg $995 -
Read the Videoguys Notes tab for complete trade-in details

Check out the
Videoguys' Money Saving Bundles Featuring the Matrox RT.X2LE!

Matrox RTX2LE Bundle

Click here for all Matrox
RT.X2 LE Bundles

Matrox MXO2 Mini with Max technology
will be shipping in May with Mac Drivers

PC Drivers with MAX Technology will be available later this summer

On April 20, 2009, Avid unveiled a new brand identity as part of the company's business transformation to better serve the interests and needs of its audio and video customers – who range from home enthusiasts to complex media enterprises, and create the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world.

At the center of Avid's brand identity is a new logo composed of simple geometric shapes derived from the buttons, icons and markers that consumers and professionals recognize as fundamental to the digital audio and video solutions they use every day to enable their creativity. The new logo forms a visual connection to iconic shapes that represent "volume up, volume down, play, pause, record and forward," signaling a unification of the company's core audio and video offerings. The distinctive mark also spells out the company's name in abstract letterforms.


Avid Media
Composer 3.5

NOW UNDER $2,000
including more than $1,000 more in 3rd-Party Software!

Avid Media Composer is the editing software that started it all - real-time, multi-format editing plus all the creative tools, media management, and true facility-wide collaboration that makes Media Composer the application used to create the more of the world's films, TV shows and commercials - including King Kong, Crash, Walk the Line, "Gray's Anatomy", and "American Idol".

With the release of Avid Media Composer 3.5 Avid has once again delivered the most stable, efficient and powerful video editing solution in the world. Regardless of your platform (PC or Mac), Media Composer taps into all of your computers power, taking advantage of multiple CPU cores, the latest GPU technology to deliver unprecedented performance, and expansive memory when running Vista 64 bit OS.

No other NLE supports as wide range of HD formats and settings as Media Composer including Canon 24f HDV, Sony progressive HDV and tapeless workflows like P2, XD Cam and Red.

Avid Media Access (AMA) allows you to edit directly from XDCAMor P2 footage – with no need for transcoding, re-wrapping or other workarounds. AMA adds full native metadata support as well for XDCAM HD/EX and P2.

This complete bundle includes more than $1,000 in 3rd-party software including Boris Continuum Complete AVX, Avid FX, SmartSound Sonicfire Pro, Sorenson Squeeze and Avid DVD.


regularly $2,495.00

ATTN Avid Mojo, Mojo SDI, Xpress Pro & Media Composer 2.x Owners:
Upgrade to Avid Mojo DX Hardware with Media Composer 3.5 Upgrade

Our users are always balancing quality, cost, and the next deadline. The new Media Composer Mojo DX combines the complete Media Composer film and video editing toolset with new Avid Mojo DX hardware to give you a head start on all three. Save time and boost quality with native XDCAM-HD and P2 editing and the real-time effects architecture combined with the new Media Composer Mojo DX. Create DVD, Blu-ray, and Web media. And always count on the support and expertise of the worldwide Avid community. The new Avid Mojo DX architecture tightly connects the host workstation and PCI Express I/O hardware into a single high-bandwidth, high-performance effects engine. The architecture is optimized for highly responsive real-time editing using the latest generation of HD codecs, including HDV, XDCAM-HD, DVCPRO HD, AVC-I, and Avid DNxHD. Native integration of P2, XDCAM-HD, and HDV formats lets you focus on editing, not getting data into and out of the system.

With this new limited-time Avid Mojo DX Upgrade offer, we are leveraging all of the strengths of the Avid hardware and software system, while further allowing you to level the playing field of value vs. cost. We encourage you to learn more about this Avid Mojo DX offer and take a fresh look and decide that NOW is the time to upgrade your Avid editing system and take advantage of unbelievable savings.


regularly $7,495.00

No trade-ins required. Just provide your Mojo or Mojo SDI serial number when you place your order. Offer expires June 17, 2009.

Gain up to 227% performance improvement when you use
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 on a 64-bit system with more memory!
When you use Adobe CS4 Production Premium on a 64-bit OS, you can expect to see tangible benefits right away:
• Faster editing performance in Adobe Premiere Pro, especially when working with high resolution files
• Better multi-core rendering and longer RAM previews in After Effects
• The ability to run multiple CS4 Production Premium components simultaneously and leverage new integration like Dynamic Link to move content between them
• Faster performance in native 64-bit Photoshop (on Windows Vista), especially when working with extremely large PSD files
• Projects further in resolution and complexity, because of the additional available memory
• Background processes running more efficiently

Adobe CS4 Production Premium Upgrade from Production Studio 2.0 Premium or Standard
HURRY! This Special Offer Expires 4/30/09!

Master the production challenges of today & tomorrow with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium software, a tightly integrated pre- & post-production toolset for Windows and Intel based Mac OS systems.

Adobe CS4 Production Premium Includes the following software:
• After Effects CS4
• Premiere Pro CS4
• Photoshop CS4 Extended
• Flash CS4 Professional
• Illustrator CS4
• Soundbooth CS4
• OnLocation CS4
• Encore CS4

Upgrade from Production Studio 2.0 Standard or Premium

regularly $799.00 - expires 4/30/09

Adobe CS4 Production Premium
Plan, create, and deliver anywhere with the intelligent post-production solution

Master the production challenges of today and tomorrow with Adobe Creative Suite 4 Production Premium software, a tightly integrated pre- and post-production toolset for Windows and Intel based Mac OS systems. Use it for video and audio editing, still and motion graphics, visual effects, and interactive media, as well as DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and mobile authoring.

Adobe CS4 Production Premium Includes the following software:
• After Effects CS4
• Premiere Pro CS4
• Photoshop CS4 Extended
• Flash CS4 Professional
• Illustrator CS4
• Soundbooth CS4
• OnLocation CS4
• Encore CS4


regularly $1,699.00

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 with NVIDIA Quadro CX by PNY Technologies

Here is a truly incredible offer. Combine the NVIDIA Quadro CX, the accelerator for Adobe CS4 software, with Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. You can tell your story with maximum impact using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 software combined with the NVIDIA Quadro CX accelerator. These two industry-leading solutions give you the maximum performance and stability you need, including a complete Blu-ray (H.264) video solution that encodes at up to 4x faster than CPU speed with the NVIDIA CUDA-enabled plug-in for Premiere Pro CS4. A must-have workflow solution at an unbelievable price.


Click here for the Adobe CS4 Production Premium with NVIDIA Quadro CX by PNY Technologies

Version 2.0 of the F-1 can now record time code with video regardless of whether the connected camera embeds timecode or not. Time code can also be re-generated within an HDV/DV stream. The Marker function stamps the video file with time code and/or recording time when the "REC" button is pressed during recording. This enables the ability to quickly locate scenes during editing.

NEW! Edirol F-1 Version 2
Video Field Recorder

The Edirol F-1 is the ideal addition for any videographer or producer wanting to accelerate their workflow by capturing HDV or DV directly to a hard drive in the field. With two additional audio inputs, no file size limitation, removable hard drive and multiple power options, the F-1 can be used anywhere and in a variety of applications.

Key Features:
• HDV and DV capture
• Additional 2 channels of balanced audio
• Removable HDD
• No file size limitation
• Multiple power options
• RGB output for quick control and thumbnail view
• Network ability (control multiple units and file transfer)
• Utility software for previewing, file management and basic editing


Vegas Pro 9 software features a new customizable interface for optimized viewing and enhanced usability, as well as significant improvements for professional video editors, including direct browsing and import of Sony XDCAM EX footage, native file support for the RED ONE camera, compress to MXF file format during capture from SD/HDSDI sources, a scalable 4K workflow, and powerful new effects and editing enhancements.

NEW! Sony Vegas Pro 9

The Vegas Pro 9 collection integrates two powerful applications that work seamlessly together to provide an efficient and intuitive environment for video and broadcast professionals. This comprehensive suite offers the most robust and progressive platform available for content creation and production. With broad format support, superior effects processing, unparalleled audio support, and a full complement of editorial tools, the Vegas Pro 9 collection streamlines your workflow. From acquisition to delivery, from camera to Blu-ray Disc, the Vegas Pro 9 collection delivers exactly what you need to produce outstanding results. Burn movies to Blu-ray Disc directly from the Vegas Pro timeline for high-definition delivery using the included DVD Architect Pro software.

$529.95 After Rebate

receive a $50 Mail-in rebate direct from Sony and FREE Sony Cinescore software ($160 value)

Boris Continuum Complete 6 brings nearly 200 filters to leading video editing & compositing applications on Mac & PC. This new release features 13 new filters including Extruded Text, Extruded Spline, Type-On Text, Layer Deformer, Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, & Pixel Fixer. BCC 6 also delivers unique workflow enhancements such as saving and loading of XML-based animated presets & a single-click custom preset navigation tool.

NEW! Boris FX Continuum Complete 6 AE for Adobe Users

Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE brings nearly 200 filters to Macintosh and Windows versions of Adobe CS3 and CS4. This new release features 13 new filters including Extruded Text, Extruded Spline, Type-On Text, Layer Deformer, Smooth Tone, DV Fixer, and Pixel Fixer. In addition, BCC 6 AE delivers unique workflow enhancements such as support for After Effects' Camera and Lighting System, the ability to import After Effects mask paths into BCC 6 AE filters, saving and loading of XML-based animated presets, a single-click custom preset navigation tool, and motion tracking data import and export. Continuum Complete 6 AE includes over 2,000 factory-installed animated presets, and over 1,500 factory-installed static presets. Boris also added a new, single-click custom-preset navigation tool eases effect selection



G-SPEED eS PRO XL, a rack-mount, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) expansion solution, with mini-SAS connectivity, providing high-performance, lowcost RAID for professional content creation applications. The new G-Technology G-SPEED eS PRO XL comes in a 2U 12-drive, or 3U 16-drive rack-mount enclosure, with hot swappable SATA 3Gb/s hard drives for high-performance, high-capacity, expandable direct-attached storage for small film studios and production houses.

G-Tech G-RAID3 2TB
Quad Interface, Dual-Drive RAID Solutions

G-RAID3 is the latest generation of the award winning G-RAID family of dual-drive RAID systems. Designed specifically for professional content creation applications like Final Cut Studio, G-RAID3 now features a high-speed quad interface (3 Gbit eSATA, FireWire 400, FireWire 800 and USB2.0 ports) and is available in storage capacities up to an amazing 3TB in a compact desktop form factor! When connected via eSATA, G-RAID3 provides data transfers rates in excess of 200 MB/second to support demanding post production environments. The G-RAID3 is available in 2TB and 3TB.


Click here for the G-Tech
G-RAID3 3TB for $625


3TB with PCIe Card

High-Speed RAID for Video Editing Applications

G-SPEED eS RAID solutions provide professional content creators with outstanding performance, high storage capacity and fail-safe operation at an unprecedented low cost per gigabyte. The compact G-SPEED eS sports a 3Gbit eSATA interface and features four hot-swappable Hitachi 7200+ RPM, SATA II hard drives. When used with the G-Tech RAID controller, a single G-SPEED eS in performance mode (RAID 0) easily supports uncompressed 8-bit,1080/60iHD video capture and playback. It also can easily be configured as a RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 or as a JBOD.


Click here for all G-Tech
G-SPEED eS Sizes


Focus Enhancements Introduces Powerful Version 2.0 Upgrade for Popular FS-5 Direct To Edit Recorder. New features include - Video file playback, proxy and thumbnail feature, metadata support for Avid users and extensive multi-camera functionality.

Focus FS-5

With the FS-5 Portable DTE Recorder, you’ll go from acquisition to editing with unparalleled speed, efficiency, and reliability. By combining DTE Technology with advanced caching, the FS-5 ensures that you never miss an important shot or lose critical footage. And best of all, your footage is ready to edit instantly. Rugged, shock resistant, and extremely power efficient, the FS-5 features a 60GB or 100GB hard disk. Using the Universal Disk Format (UDF) to write files, the FS-5 saves long recordings (up to 1.5 hours) as a single clip (instead of a series of individual clips), making management of clips in postproduction much faster and easier.

Focus FS-5 60GB

regularly $1,495.00

Focus FS-5 100GB

regularly $1,795.00

CineForm Neo Scene

Neo Scene converts HDV, AVCHD, and Canon 5K Mk II sources into professional-quality CineForm files for higher visual quality while editing your video/film projects in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 for PC, Sony Vegas Pro 8, Apple Final Cut Pro, or iMovie. Now you can capture and edit your high-definition fotage from your new camcorder in Adobe Premiere Pro and even export to Blu-ray Disc or DVD with Encore CS4. Neo Scene also extracts progressive frames from your footage to allow 24p or 25p editing, regardless of whether your footage was shot in progressive or interlace mode.


reg. $129.95

NEW! CineForm Neo HD
with First Light

With versions for both Windows and Mac, CineForm's Neo HD offers the industry's highest quality and most feature-rich online HD workflow, enhancing all Windows and Mac editing and effects applications. Whether your project is designed for film, television, Blu-ray Disc, DVD, or Internet distribution, Neo HD delivers unmatched workflow efficiency, the industry's highest visual fidelity compression, and cross-platform compatibility unmatched by others. First Light is an end-user application that accompanies many CineForm products. First Light allows you to "develop" your images with non-destructive metadata parameters that become attached to your CineForm media. We call this image development technology Active Metadata.


Telestream Wirecast 3.5

Wirecast is a live production tool that allows everyone to easily broadcast live events and create professional webcasts from any locaion – all you need is a computer and an internet connection. With the intuitive and fully integrated streaming capabilities, Wirecast makes it easy for anyone to share live experiences and build a global community. Wirecast lets you stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images, sounds, etc.


regularly $449.95

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