Videoguys NAB2006 report: Matrox

RT.X2 logomxo logo Matrox introduces RT.X2 and MXO We gave our readers a sneak peak at both these new products just prior to NAB. At the show we had the chance to learn more about them and to actually see them in action. We were blown away! Matrox has long been one of our best vendors and is a leader in the industry. The RTX.100 was one of our best selling products ever, and even to this day it delivers a level of real-time DV performance for Premiere Pro users that no other product could match. As the industry has migrated from DV to HD, we kept waiting and wondering what the gang at Matrox had up its sleeve. With the announcement and imminent release of the RT.X2 and MXO, the magic is back at Matrox! RTX2RT.X2 DV & HDV Editing Platform at a Breakthrough Price With the RT.X2 Matrox has taken their award winning Axio technology and brought it down in price to the level that event videographers, pro-sumers, enthusiasts and small corporate video producers can afford. The RT.X2 is the first Adobe Premiere Pro HDV real-time hardware accelerator. You can capture, edit and output HDV or DV footage via FireWire or use the new advanced breakout box for analog I/O (composite, S-Video and Component). The RT.X2 hardware also includes a DVI output connector so that you can monitor HD directly from the timeline using an inexpensive flat panel HD display. The RT.X2 is a PCIe card with scalable architecture that takes advantage of both your CPU power and your graphics card to deliver its real-time feature set. This means that as your computers get faster and more powerful, so will the capabilities of your RT.X2 and Premiere Pro 2. Many of the real-time features found in the RTX100 are now available in RT.X2; only with RT.X2 you can edit HDV as well as DV footage. If you are still using DV you’ll find that the RT.X2 delivers 3 or 4 times the amount of real-time streams as an RTX100! RT.X2 allows you to mix DV and HDV footage in real-time, as well as real-time multi-cam with mixed formats. Real-time effects include color correction, speed changes, chromakeying, blurs, glows, soft focus and of course a plethora of Matrox Flex 2D / 3D DVEs. For $1,995 including Adobe Premiere Pro 2, the RT.X2 is an excellent investment. Matrox is also offering a $200 loyalty trade-in rebate for owners of RT2000/2500 and RTX100 cards. We will include the $200 rebate form with your shipment. Fill out the form and follow the return procedure outlined and we’ll issue you a $200 credit as soon as we get the old card back. We are now taking pre-orders for the RT.X2. We will not charge your credit card until we have a unit to ship to you. As an added bonus we will be including DMTS Inside Adobe’s Premiere Pro 2 training DVD ($88.00 value) free with all RT.X2 pre-orders! Click here for more RT.X2 info and to pre-order Matrox MXO the “Must Have† product for Final Cut Pro Users MXOThe MXO was the hit of the NAB show. Final Cut Pro dealers and users were lining up 4 or 5 deep to get a look at this marvelous new device. At the Apple dealer meeting and the Final Cut Pro user event it was Apple product and sales guys standing in front of the crowds raving about MXO and calling it the “Must Have† product. So, what exactly is the MXO? MXO is a sexy little external device that attaches to your G5 or Powerbook like a scan converter and gives you broadcast quality HD output. It hooks up using the DVI output from your Mac computer or desktop and delivers both SD & HD output via SDI, analog component, S-Video and composite output. Even cooler the DVI output of the MXO delivers a perfect, flicker and artifact free image to your HD flat panel display. MXO supports Apple Final Cut Pro, Motion, Shake, DVD Studio Pro and LiveType as well as Adobe After Effects. On the audio side you get 8 channels SDI embedded audio output plus stereo audio monitoring. The SDI output is also genlockable. MXO will down sample your HD projects to SD in real-time with pristine image quality and proper color space conversions. For $995 the MXO really is the “Must Have† accessory for Final Cut Pro editors, especially those requiring a portable HD solution that they can bring on the road with their Powerbook. We spent lots of time at the show talking to FCP users and the folks over at Apple. Everyone agreed that MXO was the hit of the show and one of the most important new products in years for FCP users. We are expecting our first shipments of MXO the end of June. We are taking backorders now. We will not charge your credit card until we have units to ship to you. We will be including a free gift – Contour Design ShuttlExpress ($49.95 value) – with all MXO pre-orders. Click here for more MXO info and to pre-order

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