Videoguys NAB2008 Report: Focus Enhancements

FS5One of our best selling products over the past two years has been the Focus FireStore FS-4 Direct To Edit (DTE) disk recorder. FS-4 allows you to capture directly to the unit while videotaping. Even more important, you capture in the native format that works best for your NLE, allowing you to edit directly from the FS-4, or to drag and drop the files into your video drive and immediately begin editing. You never have to waste time capturing your footage again. Since the introduction of the FS-4 many new tapeless formats have emerged, but these tend to require still expensive solid-state storage. At NAB2008 Focus introduced the FS-5, their next generation of DTE product.

The FS-5 is about  ½ the size and weight of the FS-4. It will ship with a 100GB iPod type hard drive which not only makes it smaller, it runs longer, cooler and quieter. Now that’s a winning combination! You’ll get 3 hours of running time from the included Li-Ion battery. It also includes USB 2.0 interface so it can mount faster and easier to more computers.

Around the NAB show one of the biggest buzzwords was metadata. That’s the added information you add about a video clip that allows you to search, sort and find the clips you want faster and easier. The new FS-5 will allow you to add metadata while you capture in the field. This can be done via template or even cooler, you can add metadata wirelessly via devices such as a Blackberry, PDA or cell phone by adding a USB 802.11 dongle. So let’s say you are videotaping a wedding, you can identify the clips as wedding procession, ceremony, first dance, tossing the bouquet, etc. For sports you could have offense, defense, special teams etc. Think about how much time this can save you back in the editing suite.

The FS-5 also includes a color LCD screen. This allows you to better see and read the operation screens. You can’t actually watch the video on this screen. That’s a feature we’ll have to wait for in the FS-6 or FS-7, a few years down the road.

FS-5 is scheduled to ship this summer with an MSRP of $2,195 for the 100GB model. We’ll begin taking back orders once we have a firmer delivery date. Meanwhile, we are extending our special NAB offer on FS-4 Pro models. Get a free high capacity battery ($199 value) with the purchase of any FS-4 Pro model (60/80/100GB). Focus has also extended the $200 mail in rebate on the 80 & 100GB Pro models through May 31st. They have also refreshed the FS-4HD models. They now include a 60GB hard drive for just $749.95. That’s 50% more space for just $50!

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