Videoguys New Product Announcements: Blu-ray Disc, Realtime HDV editing, awesome new software, graphics cards and more

Videoguys New Matrox to show the new RT.X2 and MXO at NAB! With these two major product announcements Matrox is repared to take back their position as a leading vendor of video editing hardware. The RTX2 is a real-time HDV/DV card for Adobe Premiere Pro 2 and the MXO is an external A/V output device for FCP that delivers broadcast quality output. Pioneer has released our first shipment of BDR-101A Blu-ray burners! We're only getting a few, and we're having them shipped overnight to us so that we will have them at NAB. A couple of our vendors called us hoping we could get them a unit in time for the show. Looks like we'll be able to do it. I'm carrying a 5-pack of TDK BD-RE25A media in my luggage as well. We expect to get more units in the end of next week. Hopefully our TDK media will arrive at the same time. We'll be including one BD-R25 and one BD-RE25 blank with each burner. Smartsound Sonic Fire Pro 4 will be shippping next week. I've always been abig fan of Smartsound soundtrack creation technology. With SFP4 they've taken in to another level. Moodmapping is the coolest new feature to hit audio creation software in years. It allows you to change the mix of the instruments in your audio track to better match the the pace and tempo of the your videos. You can change the moodmap over the duration of the clip. think of it as audio keyframing. We're also happy to announce that we are now a Newtek Lightwave dealer. Newtek has announced Lightwave 8 and it will be shipping later this spring. We have a great promotion going until then. Buy Lightwave 8.5 today and get Vue 5 Infinite FREE and a FREE upgrade to Lightwave 9 from Newtek when it ships! Boris Blue is shipping. It's a 3D compositing and motion graphics solution based on the award-winning Boris Red. Boris Red & Blue work great together - and we have a Special Offer for Boris RED owners! Boris Blue and Boris Red are both professional compositing and motion graphics solutions used to achieve outstanding visual effects. Even though Boris Blue is based on the award-winning Boris Red the two products are actually quite different from one another. When used together they can create visually stunning results faster then ever before. Click here for more new product news!

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