Videoguys New Studio Tour News 2sDay Episode 15 Live Webinar

This week's Videoguys News Day 2sDay live webinar was on our brand new studio and the advancements made to get us there. Our host and Jim headed up the operation and can give the best insight into the challenges our studio build had. For anyone looking to build a studio of their own or just curious as to what a room needs to become a studio this webinar is a great watch. Of course we crave input from our customers and viewers so if you have any advice to lend or want us to go into more detail on any aspect of this build please reach out to us. If you're wondering about the equipment we use like the Wirecast Gear, PTZOptics Gen2 cameras or the NewTek TriCaster TC1 don't hesitate to call or write us. As always be sure to tune in next week and every Tuesday at 2pm to our Videoguys News Day 2sDay live webinars.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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