Videoguys' New Year Sale: G-Tech Video Storage

G-Tech New Year Sale! Big savings on the best selling, top performing external storage solutions in the world. Including the new USB3 and Thunderbolt drives! Video Storage Solutions

G-Technology offers premium external storage solutions, ranging from portable to desktop, and with USB, FireWire, eSATA, and now USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connectivity! G-tech's complete portfolio delivers unmatchedperformance, reliability and style designed for Mac or PC users. G-Technology enables you to store, protect, and easily access your content.

We've recently updated the Videoguys NLE Video Storage FAQ with information on the newest technology including Thunderbolt.

G-RAID 4TB eSATA, FireWire & USB2 RAID-0 Storage Solution

$279.00 New Year SPECIAL!

Click here to check out the updated Videoguys G-Tech bundle page


G-Technology G-RAID 4TB USB 3 & FireWire

G-RAID SuperSpeed USB 3.0 & FireWire
Transfer rates at up to 250MB/sec when connected via USB 3.0!
starting at

G-Technology G-RAID 4TB with Thunderbolt

G-RAID with Thunderbolt Storage Solution for Mac - Up to 12x faster data transfer than FireWire!
starting at

G-Tech G-DRIVE 2TB Now with USB 3.0

with USB 3.0 & FireWire

A high performance storage solution featuring screaming fast USB 3.0 and FireWire interface!
starting at

G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile USB 3.0 & FireWire - 1 TB, Silver Top

G-DRIVE mobile
with USB 3.0 & FireWire

Perfect for portable use! Bus-powered so you don't need to pack an external AC power supply in your bag!
G-DRIVE mobile 1TB

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