Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Live Webinar on Live Production for Houses of Worship

This week's Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay Live Webinar is on Live Productions for Houses of Worship. Doing a live stream for a house of worship production can be tricky, so our host Gary talks about the best practices and products needed for such a show. Including products that volunteers can easily use is key so we make sure to go into detail about devices like PTZOptics cameras, Wirecast streaming software or the SlingStudio wireless multi-camera broadcasting platform. We even go into encoders like the LiveU Solo for productions where getting an internet source is a struggle or the Epiphan Webcaster X2 to easily stream to Facebook or YouTube Live on a budget. No matter what your budget is or where you're HOW building may be, we here at Videoguys will be able to get you the best set-up for your production.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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