Videoguys now carries 360Heros Virtual Reality Content Creation Gear

We're proud to announce the entire product line of 360Heros Virtual Reality video gear is now available at Videoguys!

At 360Heros we strive to help content creators capture and share their 360-degree adventures with the world. For the past 2.5 years we've had the pleasure of working with producers across the globe to create immersive experiences and we can't wait to see what stories the next generation of spherical content creators will tell. Videoguys now carries 360Heros full product line. This includes our new VR Starter Bundles, a package featuring VideoStitch Studio. Videoguy's inventory of VR 360 video gear will include all of our patented 360 Plug-n-Play Holders, 360CamMan V2 VR Media Management software, the 360Abyss underwater 360 video camera system and our new VR Starter Bundles. 360Hero holders are designed for general purpose to specific applications. Our 'all purpose' model is the flagship Pro6 which can be used in any environment or scene for full sphere unobstructed 360x180 capture. The Pro7 also serves as a multi-purpose model with an extra camera on the horizon, allowing closer proximity of cameras to objects/action, and less parallax issues with objects and action passing between cameras. Created in collaboration with VideoStitch, these bundles feature a 360Heros 360 Plug-n-Play™ Holder, 360CamMan V2 Media Management software and VideoStitch Studio V2 stitching software. These bundles are meant to serve as a complete solution for producers interested in VR content creation. Computing System Requirements: You don't have to break the bank and we've found that resources are best spent on the graphics card and memory to support the most processing intensive part of workflow: stitching. We've used Asus laptops with a GTX 670 or Titan graphics cards, and Xeon Intel workstations with amazing results. The better the graphics card (or multiple graphics card for premium speed) along with ample memory, the better the overall system balance and processing speed. There are basic and advanced versions for both stitching program options, with the advanced versions requiring higher GPU - please visit the VideoStitch site for more detailed info on graphic card requirements. Kolor's basic version does not require GPU and is an option if processing time is not an issue, but we highly recommend that you utilize stitching software that works off GPU. Here is a graph from our recent presentation at NAB that roughly outlines some basics on computing requirements for system balance and consistent processing speed:

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