Videoguys on Vista: Not Yet

vistaWindows Vista – Not yet – wait for 64 bit drivers. Microsoft has finally shipped their much awaited and hyped next OS – Vista. For Digital Videographers we have one piece of advice: Do Not Upgrade (Yet) Here are our top reasons why we feel you MUST WAIT before upgrading or migrating to Vista
  1. Wait for certified Vista 64 bit drivers for your software and hardware. We see no reason or advantage at all for upgrading to the 32 bit version of Vista. It eats up resources and at best you will get the same performance you already have under WinXP. Once we have 64bit software and drivers to offer you, we will begin recommending Vista
  2. Vista has too many flavors, and we have no idea which one will offer the best value and performance for video editing. You don’t want to have to upgrade to a more expensive version in a few months, and you don’t want to overpay for the more expensive flavors if you don’t need it.
  3. Vista, video cards and graphics drivers. One of the coolest new features about Vista is the Aero display technology that allow you to see and work with multiple windows in 3D space. Very cool! But what will that do for video editing? I’m concerned it will steal resources and slow us down. We recommend waiting until we can recommend the right optimized graphics drivers and settings for you.
There is no doubt that some time this year, probably early summer after the first Service Packs have been released we will change our tune. At first we’ll tell you to proceed with caution, but give it a try – especially once we get Vista certified version of our software. But I don’t think you’ll see us giving it our top recommendation until it can deliver on the full promise of 64 bit computing. Then there will be no turning back. Down the road Vista will allow us to take full advantage of multiple CPU cores, utilization of 4,6,8 or more GBs of RAM and even multiple graphic cards running multiple HD displays. Eventually we’ll see new NLE software GUIs and interfaces that tap into the Aero technology to make editing even easier and more productive. We’re just not there yet. Give it time. By this time next year I think we’ll have it all – and more!!

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