Videoguys Outlet Store

Videoguys Outlet

The Videoguys’ Outlet Store is a new feature on and is yet another way for you to take advantage of some of the great opportunities we have available. The Outlet store includes manufacturer-reconditioned products that are as good as new. These products are sold at considerable discounts and are backed by a full 1 year manufacturer’s warranty as well as the same Videoguys’ 30-day money back guarantee as all products we sell. We also have Warehouse Clearance items, Closeouts on older products and overstock specials. The Outlet Store is a great place to get a bargain on a video storage solution or find a training DVD on an older version of editing software.

Click here for the Videoguys' Outlet Page
Here you'll find some Manufacturer Reconditioned Products, Closeouts, Overstocks, and Warehouse Clearances

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