Videoguys Spotlight on SSD Storage Solutions

Spotlight on Solid State Drive Storage Solutions

Sony SSDs

Durable, reliable and fast SSDs ideal for 4K or higher-bitrate recording recommended for Atomos and Black Magic Cameras Unique Error Correction technology ensures high speed data writing and dependable recording of 4K video while avoiding speed degradation and extended life. Highlights
  • Estimated 10 year life compared to 1-2 years max on competitive models.
  • Unique data protection technology even in power loss or improper disconnect.
  • Sturdier connectors tested to 3K insertion/removal cycles.
SONY SV-GS48/BT G Series Professional SSD 480GB$289.68 SONY SV-GS96/BT G Series Professional SSD 960GB$544.23

G-Technology SSDs

G-DRIVE ev RaW is designed to go with you everywhere. Fitting easily into your backpack, briefcase or purse, it’s lightweight and when coupled with the bumper, can withstand a 1.5m drop.starting at $229.95
G-Technology G-DRIVE Slim SSD USB-CG-DRIVE slim SSD USB-C delivers super fast SSD performance and speedy USB-C connection for lightning fasttransfers of your precious videos, photos, music and more. starting at $229.95

Glyph SSDs

Glyph Atom SSD Drives with USB-C, USB 3, and Thunderbolt 3ATOM SSD A Lightning Fast And Rugged Solid State Drive That Fits Right In Your Pocket.
Glyph Atom RAID Dual-Drive SSD Array with USB C, USB3 and Thunderbolt 3 RAID SSDs combining capacities up to 4TB with speeds of up to 770MB/s, wrapped in a rugged, bus-powered aluminum enclosure that fits in your pocket.
Glyph BlackBox Plus Mobile SSD Drive with USB CBlackbox Plus is a rugged, mobile hard drive designed for creative professionals. Features the latest USB-C technology, optimized passive cooling, integrated health monitoring, and built to take a beating.
starting at $169.95 starting at $479.95 starting at $249.95

G-Technology Master Caddy 4K

Streamline your Atomos video workflows with the Atomos Master Caddy 4K by G-Technology. Fast, compatible hard drive or SSD media that works seamlessly with the Evolution Series ecosystem. With SSD configurations achieving transfer rates surpassing 500 MB/s (ideal for 4K, HDR and other demanding content formats), the Atomos Master Caddy inserts directly into any Atomos-compatible recorder.
256GB SSD  $149.95
512GB SSD  $249.95
 1TB SSD $349.95

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