Videoguys Top 10 New Products of 2008

Videoguys Top 10 2008

Videoguys Top 10 of 2008

  1. Avid Media Composer 3
    A rock-solid application redesigned to tap into both the CPU and GPU preformance of your computer.
  2. Adobe CS4 Production Premium
    We give Adobe for being the first vendor to go beyond just bundling a suite of products together and actually integrating their workflows and features into each other.
  3. Matrox MX02
    When I want the best I/O solution for FCP, with incomparable flexibility, versatility, performance and value the choice is clear – give me a Matrox MXO2.
  4. Focus FS-5
    The Focus FS-5 takes D.T.E to the next level – I like to call it "DTE2". Metadata allows you to manage and log your footage while you shoot by adding tags.
  5. Boris Continuum Units
    Boris Continuum Units have given video editors the flexibility to purchase just the key features they need. In today's tough economy that is just what the doctor ordered.
  6. G-Tech G-RAID3
    Now you can get a Quad-interface G-RAID with eSata in the same great G-RAID design. They're sleek and sexy, taking their design cues from Apple, and they are engineered for the video editing environment.
  7. Sony Vegas Pro 8 w/ DVD Architect 5
    The only solution for under $500 that gives you robust professional video editing and authoring for SD & HD.
  8. Matrox RT.X2 LE
    When you add the Matrox RT.X2 LE to your workflow you can edit your HDV footage just like you used to with DV. You don't have to wait for renders!
  9. Pioneer BDR-202 Mega X Bundle
    An external USB bundle that allows you to add Blu-ray Disc burning to your PC & Mac, desktop or laptop.
  10. iKan V8000HD Monitors
    An affordable way to monitor in HD while you are shooting.

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