Videoguys Top 10 products of 2004

Top 10 of 2004This past year will go down as the year that HDV emerged. Back in April, at NAB, attendees got their first glance at the future - Sony's HDV camcorder. It was on display in a glass case and it wasn't actually working, but it generated a ton of excitement. Almost all of the leading NLE companies began talking about planned support for this exciting *new* format – which technically wasn't even new. JVC had been selling an HDV cam for almost a year, but most everyone in the industry viewed it as more of a novelty rather than an emerging technology. When Sony entered the game, the stakes changed for everyone. Just as we did in the early pioneering days of DV, the Videoguys will be there every step of the way, advising you on the latest HDV technology, news and products. Even more important, we will be testing and evaluating these new HD editing solutions on a wide range of computers. These tests will give us the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right computer system and equipment to run these editors properly. We understand that when the time comes for you to invest in HD, you are going to demand that everything works properly. The Videoguys, as always, are up to this challenge. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee and FREE tech support are the best in the industry. We will be there for you when you migrate to HDV. You can count on it. Videoguys 2005 product of the year – Sony HDR-FX1! Videoguys Top 10 products of 2004 1. G-Tech G-Raid 2. Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 3. Canopus Edius NX for HDV 4. Serious Magic DV Rack 5. Avid Xpress Studio Complete 6. Sonic DVDit! 5 7. Sony Vegas 5 + DVD Production Suite 8. CineForm AspectHD 9. Sima GoDVD 10. (tie) Pinnacle Studio Moviebox Deluxe ADS AV Link w/ Premiere Elements Click here for the complete Top 10 article.

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