Videoguys Top 5 reasons to move up to the new Focus FS-5 DTE:

Videoguy FS-5 FAQ

  1. File Size no longer Matters! Capture up to 90 minutes of HDV or DV footage as a single file. The FS-5 uses the "Universal Disk Format" (UDF) file system, which is used on optical disks like DVDs and Blu-Ray. Both Windows and Mac computers support UDF, so you don’t have any operating system or platform issues.
  2. Silence is golden! The new FS-5 does not have a fan – which gives you Silent Operation! It uses the same hard drives that run your iPod. These drives are much smaller and efficient and do not require cooling. Which is why you can get 3 hours of running time on the included battery.
  3. Sleek and trim are in! When you are in the field shooting, the FS-5s smaller footprint and lighter weight are going to make your arms and legs happy. The free universal mounting bracket makes attaching the FS-5 to your professional camera even easier. The scroll wheel makes navigating the menus of the FS-5 faster and easier.
  4. Universal Connectivity. The FS-5 connects to your computer via USB2. No special hardware or software drivers are needed. Every current laptop or workstation, Windows or Mac, has a USB2 port so connecting the FS-5 is simple and easy. With USB2 you can transfer files as quickly as with FireWire400. The FS-5 still connects to your DV or HDV camcorder via FireWire.
  5. DTE2 – The next generation of Direct To Edit technology. DTE2 is what I call all the new video editing features Focus has put into the FS-5. Metadata allows you to manage and log your footage while you shoot by adding tags. When you bring the files into your video editing software, the metadata tags comes with it. So you can easily find, sort and manage your clips. You can tag media on the fly using the 5 function keys on the FS-5 or via wireless peer-to-peer connection with your laptop or smart device such as the Apple iTouch. FS-5 gives you additional DTE HDV formats - Avid editors get native HDV MXF support & Final Cut Pro editors have Quicktime HDV, and Premiere editors are supported with M2T.

For even more information about the new FS-5, check out our updated Videoguys FS-5 FAQ

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