Videoguys Top Products of 2023

The Videoguys Top Products of 2023 includes some great new products that advanced video production and live streaming technology. These products include many technical advancements that will pave the way for even more exciting products in 2024. Let’s take a look at the Videoguys Top Products of 2023 and what they mean for the future and what they mean for the future.

NOTE: This list of our top products is not presented in any order. These items were all introduced in 2023 and all impressed us in the ways we describe below. 

PTZOptics Move SE and Move 4K 
The PTZOptics Move SE is one of the first PTZ cameras with professional features and image quality released for under $1,000. This camera is perfect for live streaming events with its smooth and silent operation, and its ability to capture high-quality video from a distance. The upgrade to NDI|HX is just $99 which makes it the perfect price to outfit a large room with multiple cameras. Producers who want 4K resolutions can select the PTZOptics Move 4K which also performs better in low-light environments. 

YoloLiv YoloBox Ultra
This portable live streaming production studio is an all-in-one solution for content creators, allowing them to stream, record, and switch between multiple cameras with ease. The YoloBox and Instream have both received our award in year’s past and now the YoloBox Ultra combines that widescreen and vertical video capability in one product making it flexible for every project. YoloBox Ultra has a faster processor, 4K support, more HDMI inputs, ISO recording and bonding.


Atomos Ninja, Shogun, Ninja Ultra & Shogun Ultra
The latest generation of Atomos monitors, recorders & playback devices are also now your entry to the Atomos Cloud Studio with Atomos Connect. The Ninja & Ninja Ultra is available in bundles with Atomos Connect to enable camera-to-cloud, remote collaboration and more and the new Atomos Shogun and Shogun Ultra have Atomos Connect built in. Right now you can get a free 6 months of Atomos Cloud with the purchase of a Ninja Connect bundles or a Shogun.

SanDisk Professional G-DRIVE Project and G-RAID Mirror
These drive systems are perfect for video editors who need to store and access large amounts of data quickly and reliably, with its impressive read and write speeds. The latest generation includes a PRO-BLADE SSD Mag slot allowing you to combine your portable workflow solutions with your desktop workstation’s speed and archiving. We are huge fans of the Sandisk Pro Blade workflow for shooting, ingesting, backing up, and archiving your images and videos.

Vizrt TriCaster Mini Go
This portable live production solution is perfect for small-scale productions, with its ability to switch between multiple cameras and add graphics and effects in real-time. Vizrt created “the easy button” by combining an NDI production hardware system with TriCaster software features you need for video podcasts, house of worship, education and simple live events. At under $5,000 you get a complete TriCaster live switching and production system that can is perfect for video podcasts, house of worship, education and simple live events.

NETGEARM4350 switches and Engage controller
NETGEARAV introduced the M4350 switches and expanded the AV line to meet even more demanding needs. Now you can please your AV production crew and IT support teams all at the same time. The Engage controller software makes set-up and use of all the NETGEAR AV switches easier than ever and is available for free with the M4350 and M4250 lines. Videoguys recommend NETGEAR M4250 AV over IP switches as our #1 tech tip for building a rock solid NDI production environment. With the new M4350 switches you can now scale up to full blown broadcast production environments with ST2110.

Panasonic AW-UE160 PTZ camera and AV-HSW10PJ Switcher.
The best just got better as Panasonic released the latest flagship PTZ camera with the AW-UE160. This PTZ camera is built for true broadcast applications and even supports the new SMPTE ST2110 standard and IP workflows like the Pansonic Kairos systems. The Panasonic AV-SW10PJ switcher is perfect for those who need to switch between multiple sources seamlessly, with its ability to handle up to 8 inputs and its built-in effects and transitions. It’s easy to use and supports HDMI, SDI and NDI sources. At under $6K it is perfect for houses of worship, education, and corporate video.

Advanced Image Robotics AIR One
This robotic camera system is perfect for those who want to combine the movement and automation of a PTZ camera with the quality and lenses of a Cinema Cam like the Zcam E2-M4. The AIR One Charter Kit available now gives you everything you need in a handy travel case with the AIRcloud subscription for advanced features and capabilities. AIR One is by far and away the most affordable remote 4K Cinema camera solution in the world.

Kiloview Cube R1
This NDI recorder is a turnkey solution for recording your multi-channel NDI sources onto an SSD. Record up to 9 channels simultaneously and monitor all of it right on the Cube R1 itself or on a connected screen. Cube R1 is an affordable shared storage solution for all your NDI files. Perfect for recording all your ISO streams for future editing, archiving and streams.

Pixellot AIR
Pixellot’s affordable and lightweight video camera for sports tracks and records every match and practice, automatically! Now, academies and grassroots teams can capture and analyze every move using video analysis tools employed and perfected by the world’s elite clubs. Just set up the Pixellot AIR camera at your next event and record your event. Upload that footage to Pixellot You and with your service subscription you can rely on their AI tools to analyze and breakdown the entire game. Pixellot AIR is perfect for youth sports. If you are a coach, proud parent or operate a sports complex this is a great way to capture, record, analyze and share your player’s and teams' footage.

Overall, these 10 products are sure to make an impact in 2023 and beyond, providing video professionals with the tools they need to create high-quality content and streamline their workflows. The most exciting thing that we realized when putting together this list though is that we are on the cusp of a lot of exciting new technology to come. This is where we get into our Honorable Mentions and our crystal ball look at 2024.

The Broadcast world is adopting AV over IP with the SMPTE ST2110 protocol and we are starting to see some really nice solutions become available. These items receive honorable mention because you are not going to “add to cart” here on the Videoguys site. But, if you’re looking to build a broadcast studio we have a nationwide network of system integrators who are trained and certified and can help. The Panasonic Kairos IP production systems, Matrox Convert IP family of ST2110 infrastructure devices and the NETGEAR M4350 switches with ST2110 support are all part of your next generation broadcast studio.

Honorable Mention: Cloud Workflows
These are all products that are evolving and growing in features, performance and productivity. Cloud enabled workflows, remote production and cloud enhanced features are here now and more affordable than many people realize. I’m not talking about 100% Cloud based productions, but using the cloud to enable features and capabilities that are simply not practical or affordable as a local or on premise workflows.

Epiphan Connect 
Epiphan Connect allows you to add remote collaboration to any production with Microsoft Teams and Zoom integration. Now you can take your video conferencing guests and integrate them with your SRT encoders to get an even more robust production solution. 

LiveU Studio 
The 100$ cloud native production solution that natively supports LRT allows your LiveU encoders to be produced into a broadcast-grade production from anywhere in the world. 



BirdDog Cloud 
BirdDog Cloud 3.0, the next generation of BirdDog’s globally connected advanced media platform, is the fastest and easiest way to expand outside your local network to distribute your content to anywhere in the world. 







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