Videoguys Top Selling G-Technology Hard Drives and RAID storage solutions

 Check out Our Top Selling G-Technology Hard Drives and RAID Storage Solutions for videographers, photographers and musicians !

SPECIAL Deals on G-Technology RAID Solutions Designed for Video Editors & Content Producers
G-RAID with Thunderbolt & USB 3 Our Best Selling RAID Solution!
Our most popular G-Technology G-RAID includes two removeable 4TB drives in a dual bay housing for 8TB of total storage in a RAID-0 configuration with blazing fast transfer speeds ready to handle HD, 2K and compressed 4K video workflows. Includes both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt connections for Mac or PC.
GRAIDTHU3-8TB $699.95 $599.95
G-RAID Studio 12TB Thunderbolt Now Less than $.50/GB!!
Check out this great deal on a 12TB RAID solution. G-RAID Studio includes two removeable 6TB drives in a dual bay housing for 12TB of total storage in a RAID-0 configuration. Thunderbolt connectivity pre-configured for Mac to just connect and go but can easily be reformatted for Thunderbolt PCs as well.
GRAIDST-12TB $1,299.95 $599.95
G-SPEED Studio 12TB Thunderbolt Most Affordable RAID-5 Solution with Data Protection!
G-SPEED Studio includes four removeable 3TB drives in a 4-bay housing that can easily be configured in RAID-5 to combine fast transfer speeds with data protection. In RAID-5 one drive will index data allowing your information to be restored in case of a drive failure. Recommended for all video professionals.
GSPEEDST-12TB $1,999.95 $899.95
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Get the 4TB G-Technology G-DRIVE That’s Best for Your Mac or PC
G-Technology G-DRIVE Our Affordable USB 3 Drive
The lowest price G-Technology drive for Mac or PC featuring a 4TB or 6TB Hitachi 7200rpm drive with blazing fast USB 3.0 connection.
GDU3-4TB   $179.95 GDU3-6TB   $199.95
G-Technology G-DRIVE 6 Triple Interface (USB, FW & eSATA) for Maximum Flexibility
G-DRIVE 6 triple interface includes USB 3.0/2.0, FireWire 800 and eSATA connections making it the perfect solution for both new and old Macs and PCs.
GD6-4TB $279.95
G-Technology G-DRIVE Newest Model with USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt 
Does your Mac or PC have a blazing fast Thunderbolt connection? The G-DRIVE with USB and Thunderbolt lets you take advantage of that speed or connect to any Mac or PC with USB 3.0.
GDRIVEU3-4TBTH $329.95
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Check out these compact G-Technology G-DRIVEs Perfect for Your Laptop and on the Go!
G-DRIVE Mobile USB 3.0 Affordable 2TB Solution
The lowest price G-Technology Mobile drive for Mac or PC featuring a 2TB Hitachi 5200rpm drive with USB 3.0 connection.
GDMOBU3BL-2TB $119.95
G-DRIVE Mobile Thunderbolt 1TB drive with fast 7200rpm drive
Increase your speed and performance when you get the G-technology G-DRIVE Mobile with 1TB Hitachi 7200rpm drive. Features Thunderbolt & USB connections for Mac or PC.
GDMOBU3-1TBTXTH $199.95 $189.95
G-DRIVE ev RaW  USB Works with Evolution Series!
Designed to go with you everywhere. This 2TB USB 3.0 solution can be used as a standalone drive or popped into any compatible G-Technology Evolution Series solution.
GDEVRAW-2TB $149.95 $139.95
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We offer FREE UPS Ground Shipping on all G-Technology Storage Solutions and our Videoguys' experts are available at 800-323-2325 to help answer your questions and to help you find the best storage solution that meets your needs and your budget.

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