Videoguys' Turnkey System Dealer Recommendations is your source for video editing software and hardware including non-linear editing and Blu-ray disc authoring software and plug-ins, video capture cards and I/O devices, storage, add-ons and more but we do not offer fully configured computer systems. Our tech support and service can help you find a machine that would work well for your needs but we realize some of you would rather save time and purchase a fully configured turnkey system. The dealers listed on this page are all friends of the Videoguys and we recommend them because we know they have the same commitment to customer service and support as we do.

1 Beyond, Boston, MA & Los Angeles CA

With 1 Beyond, you are assured of getting the latest technology: the fastest processors, the best video capture technology and the most efficient video storage. The company philosophy is to be "1 Beyond" in Service, Technology, and Value. They have spent over a year researching the various hardware and software options available and continues to do so to keep abreast of technological advancements and to keep the product line "1 Beyond" the competition. The ND Video Pro Product Family is the result.

ADK Video Editing, Alexandria, KY
(859) 635-5762

At ADK Video Editing the objective is simple: build the best possible system for each and every customer. They don't just put a system together, certify it, and try to convince you that it's the best for you. Instead, they talk to you before, during, and after the sale to ensure that your customized system will meet your needs without breaking the bank. ADK's sales and support staff are knowledgeable in a variety of hardware and software, and if they can't find you a solution no one can.

  • Fully customized NLE workstations built for people that use the software, by people that use the software
  • We use only the newest technology (after ensuring that it meets our standards) so you won't be stuck with a newly-assembled dinosaur
  • Every system we build is tested under real-world conditions with the software you'll be using, so you know it's stable and will get the job done
  • Free lifetime telephone and e-mail based technical support for both hardware and software
  • No system ships until we're happy with its performance

Biway Media, Houston, TX
(877) BIWAY DV (249-2938)

Biway Media is a turnkey system provider for non-linear video editing systems (NLEs). We have been servicing the broadcast market since 1995 on video production equipments and services. Our main goal is to provide our customers with solid working NLE systems and the best support in the industry.

Biway Media is not a company of sales persons, but rather a company of production professionals and engineers. Clients are fully supported on hardware as well as software applications. Biway Media also hosts 3D animation user groups and daily training sessions for production tools. Biway Media's reputation has led to accolade from industry publications and peers alike.

Biway Media is a Certified NLE Turnkey System Provider of Avid Approved System Provider, Matrox Certified System Builder, Canopus Authorized System Integrator, NewTek Authorized Reseller, Adobe Authorized Platinum Reseller, AJA Authorized Reseller and Pinnacle Signature Elite Reseller

Core Microsystems, San Jose, CA
(800) 886-2752

Customizing workstations for more than a decade. Founded in 1991 in the heart of Silicon Valley, Core Microsystems has been empowering professionals for more than a decade. From non-linear video editing to 3D graphics content creation to computer-aided design or visual simulation. Our mission is to deliver high-performance computer systems to customers in creative industries.

Our technology matches your tasks. Core's goal is to understand the work you do, the tools you use, and what kind of performance you need in a computer workstation. Core matches the technology to your task, working with you to understand your requirements and partnering with industry leaders to select the most appropriate hardware and software to meet your needs.

The best components give you the best results. As a integrator and reseller of products from companies such as Intel, Apple, AMD, NVidia, Avid, Adobe, NewTek, Matrox, Canopus, Bluefish444, PNY, and Alias, Core Microsystems selects quality components to give you the best results for your job. Not every component is created equally, so we use brand-name technology from manufactures who stand behind their products and deliver the kind of performance your job demands..

DV411, Los Angeles, CA
(877) 299-41117

High performance Windows-based workstations and components for Digital Content Creation. That includes Non-Linear Editing, Compositing, DVD Authoring, MPEG Encoding, and more. Professional DV and HD cameras and VTRs from JVC, Panasonic and Sony, and related accessories.

Service and Consulting. We are addicted to answering questions and solving problems. Our experience ranges from DEC's PDP-11 machines with UNIX BSD 4.2 and early i8086 with MS-DOS, to current dual- and quad-Xeon workstations and servers. We are one of the few places in the world willingly servicing both old and new computers, and keep being good at it.

NLE Systems, Glendale, CA
(818) 242-4996

NLE Systems is a company based in Glendale , California . We are specialized in building, configuring and integrating Professional Video Editing Turnkey systems. Our customers range from professional video editors, to event videographers to hobbyists and more. We strive to provide to our customers the best product for the best price, not only that we also provide one on one customer service after the initial purchase is done. We are authorized resellers of all major brands such as Matrox, Avid, Grass Valley and others.

NLE Systems will go that extra mile to satisfy your video editing needs and to get your job done

ProMax Systems, Irvine, CA
(800) 977-6629

ProMax Systems is a leading provider of turnkey DV, SD, and HD digital video editing systems. We support both Macintosh and Windows XP Pro. Systems are assembled using the finest parts and we test for 24 hours before they are shipped. We want our customers to spend their time editing instead of figuring out conflicts and configuration issues. ProMax is an authorized Reseller for every product we sell and includes full manufacture’s warranty. We don’t sell or offer gray market products.

If you need help in custom configuring a system call one of our technical sales people. You will receive free consultation and a comprehensive written quotation - with no obligation. Once you are comfortable and place your order we immediately start to configure the system. We have a very large inventory of parts. We ship your system only after it has passed our rigid suite of tests that includes capturing and playing video. We take care assembling systems to make sure they are properly configured.

SafeHarbor.jpgSafe Harbor Computers, Waukesha, WI
(800) 544-6599

Safe Harbor Computers has been building high-quality workstations for over 15 years. As the professional’s first choice for video editing and post production, that experience shows in the highly-rated customer service they’re known for.

“I've been in the television business for more than 30 years, dealing with all types of vendors, and I have never been offered support this good. They make me feel as if I am their only customer.” – Joel K., satisfied TSUNAMI owner

Their ready-to-edit TSUNAMI Workstations are extremely high-quality, highly reliable systems backed by renowned customer service. All components are brand-name, non-OEM products and carry full manufacturer warranties. Proprietary drivers or technology are never used and each system must pass rigorous testing procedures with a full burn-in period before it is shipped. Specializing in building the perfect system just for you - you select the options you want and Safe Harbor will assemble, test and deliver it to your door at an extremely affordable price. Ideal for digital content creation, real-time video capture and multi-layer editing, post production, and 3D animation, Safe Harbor’s custom built TSUNAMI workstations are designed to meet your needs AND your budget.

The 3D Shop, Norcross, GA
(888) 368-3268

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to shop and compare prices for a digital video editing system? Look no further! We offer a complete solution for digital video editing. is a leading provider of graphic and digital video editing systems. Gra-VT(gravity) is the brand name for all of our custom built systems.

  • Every Gra-VT system has down to earth stability, out of this world performance.
  • Every Gra-VT system is build using the most current components. Components that have been tested and certified my our manufacturers for compatibility and performance.
  • Every Gra-VT system is custom built to meet the specific needs of each and every customer. We will ship your Gra-VT systems only when it has passed our rigorous tests.
  • Every Gra-VT system comes with Lifetime Technical Support and 3-Year Parts and Labor Warranty.

Video Hardware Services, Manchester, NH
(877) 203-0871

Video Hardware Services LLC set out 10 years ago to deliver complete turnkey solutions for live and post production to our customers, at prices that anyone can afford. The company was formed by aspiring video people frustrated with the high cost, and poor quality of "mass-produced" computers that could not support editing equipment. We believe it's our quality products and support that sets us apart from the competition. We focus exclusively on live and post video solutions. We donâ't sell gaming systems, or home systems. Our DreamStation workstations are assembled with the kind of attention to detail found in mission critical servers. Cables are tied out of the way, power supplies are always the best, fans are quiet, and our hard drives are all server quality swappable.

For support, we offer Restore DVD's, Custom Training Video for every system. This video shows how to hook up your system, and basic use if the applications. It's created with your system! We include "remote diagnosis" for hardware issues, and we have remote training available.

We have instant pricing configurators on our website for our DreamStation Workstations.

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