Videoguys User Spotlight: Jake Giossi and teh Avid Studio Toolkit 5.6

jake Jake has self-taught himself the skills and knowledge of video editing and production. In this article, Jake provides us with a summary of each part of the new Avid Studio Toolkit 5.6. I'd like to start out this article with a bit of disclosure. For starters, I'm not what you might refer to as a "professional"†¦at least, not in a video-oriented sense. I work full-time as an Air Traffic Controller (you know, one of those folks who stands high in the sky in the Control Tower at an Airport, and prevents collision between aircraft) at an airport in Ohio. Video is not my living, it's my escape. My release. My hobby, I suppose you could say. Yes, I've done work-for-hire in the past, and occasionally do it to this day, but that's only a means to help pay for my habit†¦er, I mean, hobby. I never went to school for video production or editing; everything I know is either self-taught, or has been taught to me by various true professionals who have taken me under their wings. I'm also a lover of all things Avid. I love Avid products, Avid as a company, and all the wonderful people who work behind the big, purple logo back at the Mothership in Tewksbury, MA. I may gripe about some things Avid does, but make no mistake: I LOVE AVID! read more...

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