Videoguys Yolobox Top 10 featured on Yololiv Blog!

YoloLiv features Videoguy's recent YoloBox & YoloBox Pro webinar on their blog! In our webinar, host and president of, Gary Bettan broke down the top 10 reasons we love the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro.

Here are the updated 10 reasons we love the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro.

10. All-In-One Encoder, Switcher, Recorder, & Monitor:
Both the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro are versatile, portable solutions.  They function as on screen monitors, switchers for multiple cameras, and multi-destination encoders, all packed into a small tablet formfactor.  

9. Audio Inputs:
The YoloLiv YoloBox features a 3.5mm Line in, embedded audio via HDMI, and an onboard audio mixer.  The YoloBox Pro features an advanced audio mixer with even more control, as well as a 3.5mm mic in for additional flexibility. 

8. HDMI Pass Through:
Use your HDMI out port as a Monitor Out or Program Out! YoloBox Pro users should also note that the Pro will also be getting a USB webcam program output as well which will be perfect for Zoom, Teams, or the Video Conferencing App of your choice.

7. Stream to Multiple CDNs:
The YoloBox and YoloBox Pro can stream up to three destinations simultaneously. This is a highly sought after feature, that many other encoders list as a premium feature. These destinations include YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and a custom RTMP of your choice.

6. On board graphics:

  • NEW! Custom Lower Thirds- Customize colors and captions​
  • NEW! Scoreboard with Advanced Settings- Customize colors, team names, and add team logo​
  • Game Clock Timer​
  • Channel Bug- Customizable transparency and placement
  • YoloBox Pro also features PDF Display Capability via SD Card.

 5. Chroma Key Capability​:
YoloBox Pro now allows for a professional chroma keying allowing green and blue screen productions to be carried out. It features a great keying engine as well to fine tune your key.

4. Easy Touch Screen Operation:
One of the best, most convenient feature of the YoloBox and YoloBox Pro is the touch screen. Since this system is in a tablet form factor, with a touch screen similar to an iPad or tablet, anybody who has used a modern smart device can use YoloBox.

In addition, there's a ton of screen real estate to get the job done. YoloBox has a 7 inch touch screen, while YoloBox Pro has an 8 inch screen. For outdoor use, YoloBox's brightness comes in at 350 nits, while the YoloBox Pro has a 400 nit brightness, which ensures even on the sunniest day sports and outdoor broadcasters will be able to see and control the screen.

Lastly, speed is unparalleled when it comes to touch screen operation. YoloBox features a Qualcomm 625 processor, and the YoloBox Pro features a 660 processor.

3. Portable Solution:
For those using YoloBox on the go for your live productions, there is a 3 hour battery life! Users should know that a USB camera device that pulls power from the source will drain some of this power, and they should plan accordingly. It does help to use a USB camera with a power chord. However, this is still a tremendously long power life, and the devices charge quickly!

2. Stream from anywhere with ​4G LTE Sim Card, WiFi or Wired Internet:
Stream with cellular data with a sim card with a predetermined service plan.
Leverage Bonding with multiple signals by Installing Speedify on your YoloBox Pro.

1. Android Devices with Constant updates from YoloLiv
Increase reliability​ and features for both YoloBox ​and YoloBox Pro, with constant updates from YoloLiv. These updates are easy to run on your device, and pop up automatically upon powerup as they would on a standard Android device.

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