Videomaker Review: New Vegas Video Software: Vegas 9 Pro

Videomaker by Tom Skowronski

What happens in Vegas, ends up online!

Sony Vegas 9 Pro is here and ready to take charge. Sony is telling us something; Vegas is here to shake things up! With a host of new features and functions, extensive import, capture and exporting options, Blu-ray Disc authoring, all new XDCAM EX and RED ONE support, plus improved AVCHD support, Vegas has improved and loyal users will rejoice once they get their hands on this one.

Looking Good!

Audiences tend to lean toward specific editing software based upon loyalty and a general understanding of how the workflow moves along. With this in mind, Sony has moved forward with a even more pro line look and feel to Vegas Pro. The first big eye grabber is the new layout of the timeline, sitting underneath the monitor rather than to the lower right. Which for those new to Vegas will feel just right and for loyal Vegas users the new layout will create a whole new feel and touch to their work flow. We liked the new feel and felt the similarity created a quicker work flow.

The clips bin is now located in the top left of the screen with the usual project media, explorer, transition and media generator options. The filters take the center standing directly next door to the new trimmer window. The Timeline window takes the last spot on the top row furthest to the right side. The inclusion of the Trimmer Window allows Vegas users to finally enter the Pro arena. It feels like Premiere, but it still moves like Vegas. Cutting works the same way as last time around so it still feels intuitive to users that really appreciated the last interface. The new offering is quick to control and navigate, which we liked. Novices have nothing to worry about since Vegas now provides tutorials. read more...

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