Videomaker: The Build it Yourself Edit Bay

Videomaker by Ty Audronis

Getting tired of computers replete with bloatware, and nowhere near optimized to perform for your editing needs? Save some cash and build your own video editing computer.

RAM, CPU, PCI-E, Gigabit vs. Gigabyte. Eesh! Any of these terms sound confusing and intimidating? You’re not alone. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be an electronic engineer to build your own PC. You only need to know about a few key components, and what to look for.

What’s so special about video editing computers anyway?
Multimedia pushes a computer right to the edge of what current technology can handle. As the tech gets better, people who create the software make it push the hardware just that much further. The original DVDs had everyone going “ooh.” Now, when you put it next to a Blu-ray, you go “ew.” Why? Because the Blu-ray pushes much more information through. By the time you get to the screen, you have more dots, more color space, and more efficient compression than before. More data equals better picture. More data also equals more computing power required.
PC Building 101
Every PC, Mac, Linux machine, or even netbook, is made up of the same types of components. Putting these together in different combinations results in the specific flavor and purpose of the machine later. Just like every car has an engine, wheels, transmission, etc., but different variations for a race car vs. a tractor-trailer. read more...

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