Videomaker: What We Know About NAB 2018 So Far

Here's a cool round-up from Videomaker of some of the early announcements at NAB in Vegas this year, namely Premiere Pro CC is launching support for native 4K and up! Also mentioned are new HP zBook mobile workstations! From

...Since 1992, Videomaker has attended NAB not only to discover all that’s new to the video industry, but to also inform you about the announcements most relevant to your creative endeavors.

While we will be reporting on many innovative and intriguing devices and tech during this year’s NAB, there’s already been a number of noteworthy announcements prior to the show. Here are some highlights from what we know so far about this year’s NAB.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is getting AI-powered Color Correction and Native 4K and 8K support.

That’s right. Premiere Pro CC will now be able to automatically color correct clips based on a central reference image. If you notice that the colors of your clips vary in post, Adobe’s AI Sensei can adjust the clips’ colors and light values so they will look consistent relative to each other.

Adobe’s also adding AI-powered auto audio ducking to Premiere Pro CC and giving Adobe Audition the ability to open Premiere Pro projects more

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