Videomaker's 2005 Best Products of the Year

Videomaker best 2005The Year of HD and Tapeless Workflow Few could argue that this was in fact the year of HD, with new developments from all of the big players in both the camera and the editing world. We would also contend that this was also the year for alternatives to recording to tape. DVD camcorders are becoming more popular, and MPEG-4 recording to memory card in everything from still cameras to cell phones to disposable cameras at the drugstore, along with the emergence of the 8GB P2 card from Panasonic gives us many choices. Hard drives and memory cards are getting physically smaller while their storage capacity grows, editing software is getting easier to use but contains more features for advanced editors, and computers are becoming faster and more powerful, both in the desktop and laptop arenas. In the pages that follow you'll see the products that really turned the heads of the Videomaker editors during the past twelve months. read more...

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