Videomaker's Best Picks 2012


This has been another incredible year for video products and video production enthusiasts at all levels. We've seen more powerful editing systems and software, and a miniaturization of audio and lighting systems to meet the needs of DSLR and other small camera users. The camcorder market appears to be ready to strike back and challenge the dominance of DSLRs. It's a great time to be alive and passionate about video don't you think?

After yet another brawl in the Videomaker office for the top picks of the year, our editors are ready to reveal the best of the best. And here they are...

BEST Advanced Editing Software

Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 12
With innovative tools, powerful effects and compositing engine, and support for every video and audio format, Vegas Pro 12 can do it all. Designed for 64-bit operating systems and utilizing the OpenCL framework, Vegas Pro 12 is built to speed up your workflow. Professional audio features including more than 30 effects, VST plug-in compatibility, a complete multitrack audio environment, and a 5.1 surround mixer. DVD Architect Pro 5.2 provides a professional DVD and Blu-ray disc authoring solution. Sony Creative Software's Vegas Pro 12 is our pick for the BEST Advanced Editing Software.

BEST Production Suite

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium
Adobe's CS6 Production Premium is packed with new tools such as Warp Stabilizer, adjustment layers and Rolling Shutter Repair in Premiere Pro CS6; a new ingest and logging application (Adobe Prelude CS6); automatic speech alignment and real-time clip stretching in Audition and new tools and GPU acceleration in Photoshop CS6 Extended and Illustrator CS6. Add to that new 3D in After Effects CS6, and major improvements in Media Encoder CS6; a sophisticated color grading application called SpeedGrade CS6 gives Adobe CS6 Production Premium our BEST Production Suite award.


This G-RAID system uses the lightning fast Thunderbolt technology, which clocks in at 10Gb/s, twice as fast as USB 3.0. Two ports on the back connect to a computer and can daisy chain more Thunderbolt devices. At 4TB or 8TB, space is ample and comes in the form of two hard drives in a single enclosure set to the RAID 0 configuration for maximum speed. You can also reconfigure the unit to RAID 1 for data protection. For its simplicity, versatility and breakneck speed, G-RAID with Thunderbolt is our BEST RAID/Storage choice for 2012.

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