Videomaker's Guide to I/O devices

345-B01-IO-Devices-Secondary-5--Io-AJA-4kVideomaker magazine has put together a nice round up article on I/O devices for your NLE workstation and workflows. Whenever buysing an I/O device, you want to make sure it supports your NLE as well as the hardware you are running it on.
Videomaker by Odin Lindblom
Confused about which I/O device you should buy? I/O devices have been something of a mystery to many working in digital video. What seems like a simple enough concept of needing a device to get video in or out of a computer can lead to a multitude of devices with a massive amount of features.
When you take into consideration what you'll need for the I/O device to work — the software you'll be working with as well as the computers and any other hardware — then you'll start to get an idea of which device is right for you. Of course, understanding the benefits and how an I/O device can help your workflow is paramount in assisting with your purchasing decisions.

Match Your Hardware with the Right Software

Many I/O devices are designed to support workflows with a limited group of software. Some only support the software that comes bundled with the hardware device. This is common in low-end video capture hardware that have software that only allows footage to be captured with a single codec and at low bitrates. While this can save you on storage space, it usually negatively affects your image quality, especially if you need to do heavy color correction to the footage. read more...

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