VideoStitch becomes Orah Coming Soon Live VR Camera

VideoStitch has outgrown their name, with the growth of their products and Virtual Reality technology, the time had come to change their image.

VideoStitch becomes Orah

Orah Have you ever thought about changing your name? Well, we have. And today the day has come. Today, we officially change our company name from VideoStitch to Orah. The reason is simple, really. Five years ago, when VideoStitch was first founded, its name was obvious. We were developing our first product, a software to simplify and speed up 360 video stitching. And to be honest that was all we wanted at the time. Hence, the very descriptive name VideoStitch. Back then we never imagined the company to become this successful and grow into what it is today.

From VideoStitch to Orah

Today, five years later, VideoStitch has evolved enormously: From a small French startup focused on one tool for video stitching to a company with global reach, aiming at the overall facilitation of 360 video and VR content creation. Our first software, VideoStitch Studio, was quickly succeeded by a second one, Vahana VR, the world’s first live stitching software, which eventually led to the development of Orah 4i, our very own live VR camera. This is why we change our name from VideoStitch to Orah. Because by now the company is about so much more than just video stitching. It’s about providing tools for the whole production process, tools for capturing, stitching and streaming 360 video. And it’s about doing it live, in high quality, with little effort. VideoStitch was about simplifying video stitching. Orah is about enabling content creators to realize their vision. Read the full article here.

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