VideoStitch Studio VR for Mac is here!

orah videostitch studioGood news for all Apple users: VideoStitch Studio 2.3 is here and it’s compatible with Macs and many other devices!iMac-27-Full-Screen-Studio-2.3.0The new version of our 360 video stitching software VideoStitch Studio supports NVIDIA as well as AMD and Intel graphics cards. This means it’s compatible with most Apple computers released in 2013 or later as well as with Intel NUC. Besides, version 2.3 also comes with a couple of great improvements of the already existing features:

Speed up your 360 video production.

VideoStitch Studio is our 360 video software for post-production. It makes 360 video stitching and editing faster and easier. Import your multiple video files and VideoStitch Studio will guide you seamlessly towards the creation of an immersive 360 video. From synchronization to stitching and exporting to a standard 360 video file, get the best out of your shootings.
  • Ultra-fast processing Stop losing time and reduce your post-production costs. Thanks to its cutting-edge technologies, VideoStitch Studio will process your 360 video in no time.
  • 4K real-time preview To ease the stitching workflow, preview the result of your work in real-time at full resolution and at any moment during the post-production process. The preview of your 360 video is available in both full-screen and VR headset view.
  • Automatic and fine-tuned calibration On top of supporting any 360 camera rig, you can pick from a selection of rig presets or enter your lens FOV and type to generate your individual optimized stitching template. You can also fine-tune the calibration to the extreme by easily import external stitching templates from PTGui and Hugin.
  • Synchronization and stabilization Import multiple video streams from any camera and synchronize them automatically (flash, audio or motion analysis) or manually (offsets) on selection. If the video is shaky, automatically remove vibrations and motion disturbances and easily adjust the orientation of your stitched 360 video.
  • Exposure and color correction Automatically compute the best exposure adjustments for a smooth blending of your videos, or control and edit them individually using keyframes. Indeed, frame by frame manual tweaks allow for the greatest control over your videos.
  • Publish on all 360 compatible video platforms and HMDs VideoStitch Studio 360×180 full spherical video output (aka. equirectangular format) is compatible with all major 360 video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Youku, Twitter and Littlstar, as well as custom-made 360 video and VR players (cardboard, GearVR…). .
To download the new version of VideoStitch Studio click here. You don’t have a license for VideoStitch Studio, yet? Get it here for only $295.00.

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