VideoSystems NAB Preview

By Trevor Boyer, Dan Ochiva, Steve Mullen, and Bob Turner NABNAB 2005 is set to be one of the most interesting and complex NAB shows yet. It will introduce you to new technologies and put a new spin on older technologies. This preview will let you know what to expect so you can prepare yourself to be a shrewd consumer in a marketplace that offers more options, potential, and "gotchas" than ever before. Expect to be surprised. And potentially confused. Part of the drama of NAB 2005 will come from the introduction of new technologies such as HDV, which will be a major source of interest — and questions — at the show. Meanwhile, the spread of established technologies like HDTV will continue to push new gear and workflow throughout the video supply chain, offering a dizzying array of workflow options that overlap AV and IT expertise in unexpected ways. Don't assume anything, even about companies and products you think you know well. Something you thought was too expensive to consider may not be (i.e., Teranex format conversion), something you thought was too “low end† for the job you do may not be (i.e., desktop color correction). The best system for you may incorporate elements that cut across traditional video and desktop tools, or combine both. read more...

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