VideoSystems Review Canopus ADVC300

By Tom Patrick McAuliffe Sep 1, 2004 Digitize and process analog video. The Canopus ADVC300 digitizes analog video and can process and enhance footage via both software and hardware. ADVC300Canopus has been around since the early 1980s and has made its name producing reliable video editing and processing solutions for the PC. It is one of only about a half-dozen companies that have enough intellectual muscle and resources to engineer both the hardware and the software of advanced A/V products — while keeping them affordable. The Canopus ADVC300 is definitely advanced and affordable. It is a bi-directional analog-to-digital transcoding device, but also much more. With professional-level image-enhancement features via both hardware and software processing, this is the solution for the shop that's making the migration to DV from older formats like Hi-8 and Super VHS. But getting from A to B is not always easy nor inexpensive. read more...

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