View from the top, pre NAB 2014: Larry Jordan on the state of video editing and post production

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Larry Jordan is a well known video industry figure, whose webcasts are listened to in 175 countries. We asked him about editing, color correction, the cloud, and whether he's looking forward to April's NAB - the biggest show of the year

RedShark: Do you think color correction/grading should be part of an NLE or kept separate from the editing workflow?

Larry Jordan: There are good arguments for both.

For editors on a budget, working within the NLE makes for faster workflows. However, the stand-alone tools offer more features and increasingly tight integration between the NLE and the color grading software.

What about cloud solutions? What would you want from a cloud provider?

Solid answers and not marketing hype to three questions:

1. How do you assure the security of my assets on your system?
2. If you go broke, how do I get my assets back (in other words, who owns my media)?
3. How does this service save me time when I have very limited upload/download speeds to the web?

I am SUCH a skeptic about The Cloud. It is great for pre-production collaboration and script-writing. It's fine for sharing address books and calendars. It's even fine for final distribution. All the videos on my website, for example, are distributed using Amazon S3 servers and their Cloudfront CDN. read more...

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