Vincent Laforet's Project AIR workflow w G-Tech Storage

WorkflowSlide_From_Collider-1024x540 (1)Vince Laforet is a member of the G-technology G-Team. A group of industry professionals, both photographers and filmmakers, who incorporate G-Tech storage in thier workflows. Vince has taken to the sky, shooting spectacular video while hanging himself out of helicopters over some of the world's most beautiful cities. In this blog post and video he goes into detail about his workflow and how he depends on G-tech storage to protect his most valuable media. By Vincent Laforet For many of us, workflow is the least “sexy” part of any photo or video project. That is until you find yourself waiting forever for a copy to finish as those minutes and hours eat into the few hours of sleep you will get that night/morning… or worse: when you run out of time, and you take a shortcut (because you have to leave a location, or simply need to get some sleep) and you fail to make a redundant copy… and disaster strikes. Project AIR workflow from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo. There are MANY ways that you can lose critical data: it can be human error (have you ever deleted some original images by mistake – I have: one was an entire job in fact… recovery can be painfully long, stressful and far from guaranteed.) Then there are the obvious dangers of impact, spills, power issues (power loss or spikes during a copy) data corruption from software, and finally hardware failure. If you only have ONE copy of your data, it takes just one careless mistake (a TSA person dropping a drive, which I’ve seen) or a spilled coffee or software crash to eliminate a days or weeks or months worth of work – work that is often irreplaceable and near priceless. That is one of the reasons you always want to have a second copy of all of your originals safely PHYSICALLY ISOLATED from all of your other data, and from your work in progress. read more...

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