Virtual Reality: 5 Ways to Incorporate VR Into Your Marketing Campaign

Virtual reality is sticky. If you do it right, you can use it to increase your brand awareness, create buzz for your products & services and increase your sales. But it's not easy, and it takes a lot of planning, effort and investment to do it right. Virtual Reality is coming on strong in 2017. If you produce video, you need to start experimenting and learning about Virtual Reality. LIGHT SAIL VR GOES ‘PARANORMAL’ WITH 360HEROS
4. Broadcast Live 360-Degree VR Video Live streaming video as part of your social media efforts is another cutting edge use of the technology. YouTube allows us to stream 360-degree VR video content that can be watched on a VR headset. This is a totally new way of interacting with your audience, as they are immersed into your live world. In June, we helped a public art festival to broadcast live in 360 degrees: We placed a camera right in the middle of the festival and streamed it live on YouTube. There is also a premium version that you can offer (pay-per-VR) on your VR app. Live 360-degree VR video streaming of a concert, complete with 360-degree spatial sound, is a beautiful experience. This is also very big for sports broadcasting: This year, the NBA teamed up with NextVR to live stream 25 NBA games on Samsung VR. 5. Develop A VR App Creating a VR app allows you to have enhanced experiences, such as interaction, movement and calls-to-action. The app allows you to customize the VR experience in ways that a 360-degree VR video on YouTube can't. For example, a real estate VR app could be used to provide interactive tours of properties. In essence, a VR app is a great platform for exclusive experiences that need more than just a play-and-pause interaction. Conclusion VR is still new, but it continues to grow. New hardware is continuously being released, and companies like Google, HTC, Oculus and Samsung have joined forces to create the Global VR Association. As a content creator, I am very excited, and see VR as the next storytelling platform.
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