Virtual Reality Used to Entice Ticket Sales for Islanders

Here's a great example of an innovative immersive content strategy. Virtual reality in the sports arena has huge potential and the Islanders are tapping into it.

Virtual Reality Gives Islanders a New Way to Move Tickets In an effort to entice potential ticket buyers, the Islanders are using the technology to give fans a (virtual) playoff hockey experience It can be hard for American hockey fans to convince their friends to follow Canada’s game. Sure, a U.S.-based team has won every Stanley Cup since 1994, and Canada now has just seven of the NHL’s 30 franchises. But the reality is that most Americans didn’t grow up with the sport and have never been to a live NHL game. And while hundreds of millions have access to televised hockey, most seem to agree that the sport loses something when viewed two-dimensionally. That’s a problem that John Baier ran into in his role as...[continue reading]

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