The Virtual World And IoT Collide in Mixed Reality

virtual-world-iotTechnology is moving faster and faster impacting more and more in everyone's daily life. These advancements can affect how entertainment is created and distributed as well as in business settings. With the advancements of virtual reality and augmented reality in video games and media, little is being discussed on how this could affect the business world. This doesn't mean that it's not evolving into that, and with something called "mixed reality" it may come sooner than you think. Mixed reality (MR) uses virtual reality and augmented reality tools and combines that with data from the internet of things (IoT) to allow business to synchronize their workforce from any location. This sort of technology can be implemented in countless business endeavors where offices or employees may not be close to each other. As a part of Forbes Technology Council, William Briggs, Global CTO for Deloitte Consulting, has an insight to this exciting opportunity for businesses to stay a step ahead of the trends.

For example, an employee is using smart glasses as they examine a system in a remote location. The diagnostic information that shows up in their field of vision indicates the system is not working properly. Customized repair instructions based on the machine’s service and performance history pop up, along with insights gleaned from the broader equipment fleet and the manufacturer. Because the IT worker’s training records indicate the required procedure is beyond their certification level, a skilled technician at a different location connects to the worker’s glasses and can see what this worker sees. The off-site technician then guides the worker through the repair process. This example can be applied to similar scenarios across various industries because MR provides the ability to deliver actionable information to any location where work is done --in the office, on the shop floor or out in the field.

Ultimately, mixed reality may transform how we interact with technology. We've already moved from “point, click and type” to “touch, tap and swipe.” MR opens the door for “talk, look and gesture”-- game-changing communication and collaboration paradigms that operate in concert with humans’ natural behavior patterns. The ability to grab information from the objects around us -- and for that information to respond to our visual and physical cues -- will change the way in which we consume and prioritize our work.

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