Vizrt Introduces $5k TriCaster Mini Go and Moves into the Cloud NOW

In a recent article written by Andy Stout for RedSharkNews, he discusses how Vizrt has taken the TriCaster into the cloud. He also talks about the newly introduced TriCaster Mini Go, which is Vizrt's latest TriCaster model that is an entry level system for under $5k. Read highlights from Andy's RedSharkNews article below.

A new virtualised TriCaster and a $5k TriCaster Mini Go lower the entrance level to the popular and well-proven TriCaster system than ever before. Let's begin with the new TriCaster Mini Go, which is marketed as Vizrt's entry-level TriCaster for streamers and content creators of all types who want to add broadcast grade features to their video works. It costs $4995 and has USB, NDI, and SRT connections, as well as 4 inputs, 2 M/Es, and mix outputs in HD quality.

Perhaps more innovative is the cloud-based TriCaster Now, which provides virtualised access to the tried and proven TriCaster software without the need for physical hardware. It provides the normal scalable and flexible cloud features, linking NDI and SRT as well as a range of IP technologies and other cloud sources and streaming them to any destination.

According to Vizrt, the entire system can be setup and ready to produce in less than 10 minutes and turned off when no longer required - all without customers having their own cloud infrastructure, saving money and emissions while enhancing efficiency.

And, to guarantee that TriCaster has something for everyone, no matter where they are on their live production path, the enterprise-grade 4K cloud-based switcher Viz Vectar Plus has been renamed TriCaster Vectar. TriCaster Vectar will soon be available for deployment to customers' own cloud infrastructure, with additional capabilities such as expanded bit-depth support, extended bitrate stream quality, and more.

Vizrt now provides clients with two pathways to cloud production: easy and standardised with TriCaster Now and configurable and powerful with TriCaster Vectar. It's a good option, and it'll be fascinating to see how it develops from here.

Read the full article by Andy Stout from RedSharkNews HERE


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