Vizrt & NewTek Interview: Combined Company will Lead the Future of IP Video Workflows

Still the biggest one of the biggest pieces of industry news this year is the acquisition of NewTek by Vizrt. The merger happened just before NAB Show 2019, and has opened the door to a great deal of speculation. What is in store for the two companies?

George Jarret, a writer for recently sat down with MIchael Hallen- of Vizrt, and Dr Andrew Cross of NewTek to discuss the joined companies future.

“We knew each other well long before my time, and I have been heading Vizrt for nearly three years. The early dating started ahead of that.”

Michael Hallén, CEO of VizRt

The biggest promise that comes from the merger is the addition of IP Capability.

“In terms of craft thinking both our booths were extraordinary, and the user base sees that we are adding much more IP capability. They are enthused about what is going to come out of this combination.”

Check out the full interview from HERE

Learn more about NewTek HERE

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