Vizrt & NewTek: Leading the Industry to an IP future

With Infocomm 2019 coming to a close, NewTek was a big draw to the show. In the NewTek Booth at the convention in Orlando, the company demonstrated its approach for system integrations to modernize AV over IP.

The NewTek Booth featured sixteen NewTek devices, both hardware and software tools, designed to create, stream, publish, convert and monitor AV content and more.

These products were connected only to electricity and a local Ethernet network. They are controlable from any network destination, allowing users to access any feature from any device remotely.

“NDI allows anyone integrating AV over IP solutions to be far more dynamic than ever before with our own InfoComm booth demo being a great example. Every device and application we’re showing can be controlled at any touch point. Compare it to other IP-based AV solutions that send a single signal from point-to-point at a high cost and you realize you are looking at the future and it is here now.”

Dr. Andrew Cross, President and CTO of NewTek

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