Vizrt TriCaster Users: This is Viz Flowics

LetsPlay.Live (LPL), a prominent Oceania-based gaming and esports company, has successfully elevated its international esports tournaments with the seamless integration of Viz Flowics and TriCaster. This strategic alliance has empowered LPL to overcome the complexities inherent in producing and broadcasting esports events across diverse game genres, including MOBA and first-person shooters.

LPL's impressive track record includes organizing high-profile tournaments like the LPL Clash Royale World Tour and VALORANT Challengers Oceania 2023. These events garnered substantial global audiences, with the Clash Royale World Tour achieving a remarkable 69,000 live views over a 13-hour span and the VALORANT Challengers Oceania 2023 streaming for 209 hours, accumulating over 834,000 live views and 564,000 unique viewers.

The integration of TriCaster TC1 and Viz Flowics proved pivotal for LPL, especially during the intensive deployment for the LPL Clash Royale World Tour 2023. With the ability to create multiple global feeds and multi-language versions of streams, this dynamic duo provided the flexibility and scalability necessary for LPL's transition from regional to a global, multi-regional esports broadcasting leader.

TriCaster TC1, utilized by LPL since 2018, served as the foundation for the integration, and the addition of Viz Flowics seamlessly addressed the need for a graphics solution supporting remote operations. This integration facilitated the creation of custom control panels, enabling efficient resource allocation to offshore talent, producers, and translators. The result was the production of multi-language versions of shows with fully translated graphics, adhering to global brand guidelines.

Daniel Klinac, Head of Broadcasting at LetsPlay.Live, emphasized the game-changing impact of the TriCaster and Viz Flowics integration. This alliance not only provided flexibility and ease of use but also unlocked a world of possibilities, positioning LPL as a global esports broadcasting leader. This successful integration has cemented LPL's status among industry leaders, allowing them to deliver captivating esports experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

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