VR and 360 video used to further oceanic awareness

MacDonald Productions Uses VR to Further Oceanic Awareness

from 360Heros blog Our long-time friend Bill Macdonald of Macdonald Productions has built his career on marine education, conservation and entertainment. His films allow viewers to explore the world's aquatic environments and marine life with a firsthand perspective. We're proud to be working with Bill, a NOGI Award-winning cinematographer and diver, to keep pushing the boundaries of filmmaking as he shares his story in immersive 360 video underwater. In working with our 360Abyss underwater VR solution, Bill brings his diving experiences to life and shares them with a perspective typically reserved for divers.
"Using this technology to capture entire scenes around you is the best of both worlds because the experience can be shared," Bill says.
Bill has built his career around sharing underwater experiences and spreading marine awareness. From his time as an environmental spokesperson for The Cousteau Society to his work on Sea Pulse, he has been a tireless advocate for keeping our waters safe and clean for their diverse inhabitants. Through his 360 videos he hopes to share his passion, giving viewers a unique feeling of "presence" in the water with him.

Dive in with some of Macdonald Productions' best VR

Experience Cabo Pulmo Marine National Park:
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