VR is the Battleground for Next Gen Computing Platform

Here's an article with examples for why it's advantageous to be proactive in developing virtual reality and immersive content. From OmniVirt

Smartphones are one of the most successful technological inventions of past decade. The mobile ecosystem has created a whole new platform for applications, media, and online consumption. The result? Apple has become the most valuable company in the world. However, analysts believe the smartphone market is close to full saturation [1] and major tech companies can see this coming. This realization and need for growth is forcing the tech giants to seek new markets. And beyond smartphone screens, now companies are looking into a new media that is richer than ever. They are looking to Virtual Reality....

....2018 Outlook: Oculus and Google are ready to capture the opportunity.

As the battle for the immersive computing market continues to rage between the major technology giants, it is clear that this will not be a winner take all market; however, there are some platforms that are much better positioned to capture the lion share of the growing opportunity.

Given the costs and hardware restrictions that exist today, there is no doubt that the Standalone VR platforms will mark a turning point for consumer adoption of this new medium. And with the need for a healthy app ecosystem to create a strong consumer value proposition, it appears as though Facebook and Google are well positioned to continue to extend their hold on the consumer internet market.....[continue reading]

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