VR Hits a Home Run with Sony PlayStation VR Launch

Bryant Frazer from StudioDaily discusses Sony's brand new Playstation VR headset. VR is becoming more mainstream with the help of Sony's new launch. Don't miss it here!

VR Hits the Big Leagues with Sony PlayStation VR Launch

New Headset is Poised to Become Most Successful High-End Immersive Device. Forget about Oculus Rift and put the HTC Vive aside. It's time for high-end VR to make it into the mainstream with today's launch of the Sony PlayStation VR headset. It's not that the Oculus and Vive are bad technology. But the installed base of PlayStation 4 consoles is much higher than the number of VR-capable PCs in consumer households. Research firm IHS Technology said last week that it expects the PlayStation VR to outsell the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive combined by the end of this year. PlayStation VR arrives in a market that's still largely driven by low-end, smartphone VR headsets — IHS says the $100 Samsung Gear is expected to finish the year with the largest installed base, about 5.4 million. "The smartphone VR base will be a major opportunity for VR content experimentation," said IHS Technology Senior Director Ian Fogg in a prepared statement. "Smartphone VR headsets' share of the VR installed base will be 87 percent at the end of 2016."world_vr_headset_forecast_ihs_tech Samsung will soon have a strong competitor in that segment as Google rolls out its Pixel phone and $80 Daydream View headset. The firm says Daydream View will be the most popular VR headset by 2019. [Continue Reading...]

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