VR Peeps: This is a BIG Deal!!! RED Joins with Facebook for VR Camera

An affordable virtual reality camera made for social media made in collaboration by RED and Facebook? Yep, It's in development! 360 content developers should be excited. You'll be able to move around in the video you created or are experiencing. The video below goes into detail and you can read all about it in the article below: From DoddleNews While Facebook has been fine tuning its Oculus Headset into a more affordable virtual reality option, the one thing missing from the equation has been content creation. While the company closed its VR studio back in 2017, it’s now looking to create a virtual reality camera, and is joining forces with RED to do it. Could this the next module for the Hydrogen holographic mobile phone?

“We’ve been on a quest to build immersive capture technology for years,” said Facebook director of engineering Brian Cabral in an interview with Variety....read more

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