VR Professionals Weigh-In on Their Choice for Best 360º Cameras

Read how eleven filmmaking professionals give their input on what kind of camera to use for 360 video and interactive VR content creation. There are some great conversations in this article and a helpful assimilation of conclusions at the end. The short of it is no camera is perfect, YI Halo is a favorite, however expensive, and the technology is quickly expanding! Check out our YI 4K Camera Bundles with 360Rize Rigs for 360 video production! These bundles are an affordable way to go 360! From vrscout.com

Best 360 camerasAs the founder of eevo, an interactive VR / 360º video company, I speak every day with filmmakers exploring the world of VR. They are hungry to learn more about creating interactive 360º video and spatial audio experiences.

Whether for the sake of storytelling, real estate tours, medical content, art, or tourism, they often ask the same question: What 360º camera should I be using?

I’ve had some ideas, but I wanted to give them the best possible answer. So I decided to reach out to some of the amazing creators I’ve met to see what they had to say. While I didn’t expect to find too many similarities in people’s thoughts on this matter, it turns out that professional creators agree on quite a few things, both in regards to their approach to 360º filmmaking and to the equipment they choose to do it with....[continue reading]

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